Meet OUYE: The PS4 Knock Off That is Truly Shameless

The OUYE bears more than a passing resemblence to Sony's PS4. Everything from the shape, design and colour are a complete rip-off. Have you no shame, China? That's not all though. Not content with just taking the name from one company and the console design from another, the OUYA's gamepad is also rather familiar.

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DarkLordMalik1615d ago

Looks like the PS4 and Xbox One meet and had a child called Ouye.

2cents1615d ago

Then hopefully it committed suicide.

-1 points...

sinjonezp1615d ago

To be a little objective, China has dealt with significant issues, sanctions, tariffs, gov policy that has made it hard for people there to get official products. How many people in China? So they make things that people may know of , relate to..and try to sell it. I think it's funny like above, looks like xb1 is a dead beat saying you not my son, but sees his son controller. Bottom line, since the beginning of capitlism there has always been a product similar. When you go to the store , so you spend 8 dollars on listerine or 2.75 on equate? Lol just a thought .

3-4-51615d ago

* Can't stand the mentality of " Hey you worked really hard on I'm going to steal it from you for my own monetary gains"

^ Just don't understand being like that.

Have they no shame ?

Jayszen1615d ago

If they had shame, they would not have tried to rip off the PS4 and Xbox One designs and would have spent money in creating their own prototype! Imagine if this actually got made and some poor bastard tried to use their new OUYE console with the new 'Batterman: Shanghai Knight'. It may well be a short experience.

China is one of the biggest sources of counterfeit goods if not the biggest which include not only the usual suspects of clothing, sunglasses, watches and sports and designer shoes and also potentially lethal items like baby food, whiskies and bottled water.

player9111614d ago

Agreed but thats why we are not rich. Business is Business. And like said in the article, most of the knockoffs are actually decent for the price. Aside from aesthetics, it is basically an android platformer in a ps4-like shell. I doubt it will even be the same size. Probably a cute mini PS4. If it runs android and has native gamepad support, it might be a solid emulator box. Looks arent everything.

Kingdomcome2471614d ago

"Batterman Shanghai Knight" Lol! OT: I want this thing oddly enough lol.

ZhugeEX1614d ago

To be fair the response from China netizens has not been positive.

They have strongly criticised this company for blatantly ripping off from Sony & MS and called the company a disgrace/shameful.

Really strong negative reaction here.

vergilxx31614d ago

They don't some people will kill you if it means good profit for them

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XxExacutionerxX1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I loved how they used the better of the two controllers....
Xbox One

Spotie1615d ago

No, they didn't. They used the one that's easier to make a knockoff of.

GameDev11615d ago


True enough, as it would be difficult to knockoff the touch pad functions and share button functions of the PS4 without having other functions that dont make sense

Revengeance1614d ago

They probably couldn't replicate the touchpad which is tough to do. Genius idea BTW.

Xbox One still uses simple design so it's easier to replicate.

XanderZane1614d ago

I doubt this controller has the trigger rumble. It wouldn't be support by any PS4 games anyway so it wouldn't matter. No touch pad means many several PS4 games with have features that won't work on this system. What a mess this thing is. China doesn't care. Sure they love Japan. lol!! Love ripping of their products.

Strikepackage Bravo1614d ago

No rumble triggers, a useless power draining led and a equally useless gimmick of touchpad. I can see why they would copy the xbo controller instead.

KwietStorm1614d ago

Even in an article about a knockoff, someone has to be a fanboy. Damn man.

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medman1615d ago

This is par for the course in is the continent of knockoffs, everything from cars to consoles. Damn communists really don't give a rip. And they don't allow you to sue them, so you're screwed.

sangoku_d1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )


funny thing is its a kickstarter and chinese are slagging it off

and they want 50 quid for the console 1 pad, 500 gets you 2 pads and 10 games lol

Jayszen1614d ago

"Ouye" is the sound they made when they, ahem, came.

Leaguer1614d ago Show
1614d ago
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abcde-123451615d ago

It makes me wonder what it would be like if Sony and Microsoft created a console together.

holysmokesbatman1615d ago

If they both stuck to their respective strengths it could be mind blowing!

GNCFLYER1615d ago

We would just argue if the hardware or software was better about the machine..

Jayszen1614d ago

All we can do is wonder as neither Sony nor Microsoft would ever collaborate in such a manner.

Vipre771614d ago

I wouldn't say "never". If they discussed it and found that it would be mutually beneficial, they'd probably do it. There's lot of pros that us consumers can see.
Less market fragmentation in terms of software compatibility
Less hardware to buy if you're the type that buys multiple systems
Less services to subscribe to (Live and PSN) that you could put toward more games
More studios producing games for your hardware
Lowered costs for developers (less platforms to port to)
Less stuff to hook up to your TV
Less accessories to buy = more money for games
Less space taken up on retailers shelves
Get the best of both hardware and software worlds

There are probably less Cons that you could come up with, but they are probably big ones, some of which could be show-stoppers.

Loss of brand identity
Eastern vs. Western design philosophies might clash
Less fanboy flamewars?

joeorc1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

It will always come down to on an OS level and Api level, and the reason the console market was made to get away from an already a market like that and it would be what OSvand What Api do we use?

Thats why it would always break down, it would have to be a choice of Sony giving in and using a Microsoft OS on their Box along with a Api.

While Microsoft gives up nothing!
Reverse would Microsoft allow Sony to have the OS gate and Api, while Microsoft can. Ode for the console?

That's why it would never work out!


So they would Choose Android Powered Device for the platform Right?

Every thing on your list can Infact work with it be Android OS powered, Sony I doubt would have a problem with that.

XanderZane1614d ago

There would be no competition then unless Apple or Amazon got into the market. It's actually better this way as both company work harder to make better hardware and games. I'll always own both systems so I get the best games of both companies.

FITgamer1615d ago

Thought this was satire when i first clicked. It's legit though lol.

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FoxyGotGame1615d ago

I think it looks pretty cool. I would buy one for the novelty value if it was super cheap and super small /

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