EGM Wii Rumors

The latest issue of EGM contains a couple very juicy rumors in their rumor section.

First from EGM's rumor section is that many third party developers are ditching their PS3 projects in favor of the Wii. This change can most likely be attributed to a combination of a strong Wii showing at E3, and the high pricepoint of the PS3.

The other rumor LucasArts is that a Star Wars game is coming to the Wii (exclusive), and lightsaber battles will be the main focus of the title.

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OutLaw6196d ago

Sony better hope that it is only rumors. They can't afford to lose game developers to th Wii.

shotty6196d ago

Install base going into 2007: xbox 360 having the most, with wii in second and ps3 in last having the smallest install base.

OutLaw6194d ago

What ever the case I'm buying a Wii.