New action-packed screenshots for Transformers Devastation

Ten new screenshots have been revealed for Platinum Games' upcoming release, Transformers Devastation.

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waltyftm1621d ago

The game looks awesome, G1 is my favourite TF timeline.

LatinGamer2141621d ago

Same here dude G1 all the way. :)

FlexLuger1621d ago

I would have waited an eternity for this...its over pri....Oh wait sorry.

What I meant to say was I am looking forward to this too. Is it wrong that I am hoping for additional content in the form of targetmasters, headmasters, powerengine masters and pretender G1 transformers?

They should just throw in an MP sandbox and let let us have epic 24 V 24 battles that mimic the old cartoons. people transforming and combining all over the place...

LatinGamer2141621d ago

Now that will be Epic if only:)