Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Old Maps And Weapons, Specialist Characters, Level Cap And More

David Vonderhaar shed some light on what to expect when the beta launches.

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Heyxyz1788d ago

I really wish the COD devs would stop with this "futuristic" stuff. Not only do I find it uninteresting, but I also find it just makes the game worse.

d4v03331788d ago

I kind of agree but then when Call of Duty was stuck in WW2 era people got bored of that too and wanted something different. Then they changed the era to Modern Warfare and they released couple of CODs in that setting and people started complaining as to why they keep releasing COD in that era. Then they switched to future warfare and this is what 4th COD that's is on future warfare? And now people are complaining again as to why they keep releasing future warfare era COD. There is no way everybody will be pleased and this will keep going and going. So we should put that aside and either buy the game play it and enjoy it or if you don't like the setting simply just don't buy the game and don't complain.

Heyxyz1787d ago

Yeah, that does make sense, but I think the biggest problem with COD at the moment is that it's just tired. I know each studio has 3 years to develop the game, but I think a longer wait is justified. People are getting tired of COD, and the game seems to be innovating just for innovation's sake. If I were Actvision I would handle COD the same way Rockstar handles GTA. By that I mean make one stellar release every few years with every company in the studio working on it. This builds hype because it'll have been a while since the previous game, and maybe the new things they discovered will bring life in the franchise. GTA will last a long time because it isn't overworked while COD will die because of overwork. I think Rockstar's strategy works seeing as GTA 5 is already the 4th best selling game ever while COD sales are on decline. I think of it this way: when somebody wins the lottery they can get all the money at once but get less, or they can get more money over a long period. I think the latter option is smarter from a business perspective, and that's when GTA is. COD is definitely the former. Oh well, listen to me babel. I think this is the longest comment I ever wrote.

d4v03331784d ago

Agreed. I personally was a huge COD fan but after GHOSTS and Advanced Warfare I started hating COD and told myself that I will not buy COD anymore. However after trying Black Ops 3 beta I am thinking about buying it and getting back into COD again. I played GHOSTS total of probably 5 to 10 hours same with Advanced Warfare and did not touch them afterwards. For some reason Black Ops 3 brought the fun back in COD multiplayer plus the zombies mode which is the main reason I will be getting Black Ops 3. Even though COD sales are declining it is still selling very well and I don't think Activision will pass that opportunity and start making CODs every 3 years. They like that money too much to start doing COD every 3 years instead of every year. Yes I think me and you are writing an article on the comments section with the long responses hahahaha :)