Guerilla wasn’t happy with the Horizon leak but at least the feedback was good


"We all loved Horizon: Zero Dawn's lush reveal at this year's E3 (including the introduction of Ygritte-meets-Ripley heroine, Aloy, but its arrival was hardly a surprise. Last September a bunch of concept art and information hit the web suggesting Killzone franchise developer Guerrilla was working on an open-world RPG with dinosaurs. So now that Horizon has been unveiled to the world, what does the Dutch studio think of that reveal-sundering breach of information?"

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Majin-vegeta1626d ago

They weren't but i sure as hell was.

3-4-51626d ago

Leaks have to come from within right?

Why would you risk losing your job, just to say you know about something others don't ?

Like just so you can brag, you risk getting fired ?

But at the same time, as a gamer, as a fan, certain leaks can be really rejuvenating.

sarlucic1625d ago

I work as a 3d artist, things like leaks happen many times when some dude just show his friend on skype what he is working on, and it get spread around and what not. A game i worked on when i was an intern, the soundtrack to a coming DLC was released on the internet before the dlc it self, turned out to just be a dude sharing the song file with his friend and it took off.

There is also fake leaks. There is also a lot of outsourcing in the video game industry, so in the end there is just many many ways something can get leaked early. Sometimes it is just people not knowing or forgetting, putting things on their portfolio or cv.

Toiletsteak1626d ago

This game looks amazing, i hope to see more soon.

Chaos_Raiden1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Regardless, you guys (Guerrilla Games) made the gamers happy with an awesome new IP.

Ocsta1626d ago

This is how new IP should be done. More like this please.

TwoForce1626d ago

It is unfair to ruin the suprise to be honest. But it was worth it, because i'm glad GG to take a new ip from their Comfort zone. I'm so happy right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.