Konami's Leipzig plans

New information has surfaced regarding Konami's presence at the upcoming Leipzig event:

– PES 2009
– Silent Hill Coming Home (PS3, Xbox 360)
– Castlevania Judgement (Wii)
– Dancing Stage
– Rock Revolution
– Lost in Blue (Wii, NDS)
– Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero (NDS)
– new releases

Stage shows + presentations
– Hideo Kojima (Will discuss Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online plans)
– Koji "IGA" Igarashi provides insight into the Castlevania series
– Thomas Hulett (Associate Producer) talks about Silent Hill Homecoming
– Rock Revolution presentation with Associate Producer Niais Taylor
– Dave Cox, responsible for product planning at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, own future developments in Konami Europe

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NO_PUDding5351d ago

Will Kojima say it's comign to 360, or that there's a Snatcher 2/ZoE3/New IP comign to the PS3.

I hope the latter. I wanna see Snatcher 2.

Real gamer 4 life5351d ago

nah metal gear is not coming to the 360 at least not this year. Why do you assume that he is going to announce a new game? The article say that he is only going on stage to talk about the plan for mg4 and mgo. He is probably going to talk about the world tournament for mgo.

NO_PUDding5351d ago

Becuase I feel like assuming he will share something more than just MGS4 stuff while he has the chance. CAn't I assume, heh? Lol.

I do love the reward shop though. Perhaps he can update us on when we will actually get those 1000 points for the delay. But er yes. I hope him to speak a bit about working on other projects.

cmrbe5351d ago

it won't be this year. I don't mind anymore as Kojima did the best he could with MGS4 on the PS3 which PS3 fans are now enjoying. Obviously it will not affect the quality of the PS3 version unlike FF13 though. So i really don' mind if other gamers will enjoy it and Kojima gets more money for his masterpiece.

On the other hand knowing Kojima. He will mostly likely not make a port if it will compromise the quality of his game.

What i really want ot hear though is ZOE3. Two was such a brilliant game.

zo6_lover275351d ago

It will not come to the 360, there are to many Sony and Apple products in the game. You carry around an iPod the whole games, M$ would not allow that, All the computers are Macs and there are countless PS references.

NO_PUDding5351d ago

I ahve played it. And indeed thsoe safeguard it somewhat.

To be honest the only reason I doubt it will coem to the 360, is becuase it's just too good. I honestly don't think that can be doen on the 360. Kojima has said that too, not that we shoudl ttoally believe PR talk.

Megaton5350d ago

Hopefully he'll announce trophy support. The internet has been dead silent on the matter since trophies launched. Seems nobody has an answer.

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pwnsause5351d ago

in before bots state that MGS4 will come to the 360

Wildarmsjecht5351d ago

Hah..I was gonna do that :(

Playstation Man5351d ago

the same old cliche "it's inevitable" crap. Seriously, if it WAS announced, it would be dumbed down and far away. At that point, would it even matter as part of the console war I wonder? Probably Sony and others have said in the past: only possible on PS3. Yet again, these words will hold up in August.

cellypower5351d ago

Anyone that played MSG4 would know that its staying on a ps3 platform.Its more then a port.

Playstation Man5351d ago

But as I said, they could dumb it down but really, at that point, why would it matter? 360 gets it 2-3 years later and gets an inferior.

Lemmings rejoice!

Heck, that could be the way it is with FFXIII, we'll have to wait and see.

zo6_lover275351d ago

Seriously, but they still won't buy it. I've tried to explain it before but they just don't listen.

juuken5351d ago (Edited 5351d ago )


MGS4 wouldn't make it on the 360 and besides, 360 fanatics made it clear this was more like a movie than a game.


NO_PUDding5351d ago

exactly Juuken, atleast I ahve the decency to say Bioshock I don't give a crap about. It's still the overrated crap it was a year ago. Mass Effect is what I'd like more.

But maybe the MGS4 haters haven't played the game. I am sorry, but I don't think you can plant C4 on a guys ass in Gears of War 2. Nor can you use muskets. Nor can you give soemone laughing sedatives. Nor can you customise your weapon. Nor can you customise your appearance. Nor can you......... etc etc etc.

What game am I not playing and only watching?

testerg355351d ago

It is more of a movie.. I have it for the PS3 and have watched my son finish it. The only restriction of conversion to the 360 would be the size. Outside of that, there's nothing in MGS4 that couldn't be done on a 360.

juuken5351d ago

And the size is a huge factor tester...which is why it will not be ported. And no, I'm sorry to say but MGS4 is not a movie. It is a game, a game of which I've been playing for a while.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI5351d ago

I assume the 1191 custom gun code for MGS4 will be announced then.

Skerj5351d ago

ZoE2 is STILL mindblowing on PS2, the graphics and gameplay easily hold up to games on the newer system. Imagine that battle at the Auman Crevasse with the 1,000 Orbital Frames/Levs except being done as a full game on an open planet Mars on PS3 with Naked Jehuty *drool and die and coma of awesome*.

Skerj5351d ago

Hah I hope for their sake the Rock Revolution showing isn't as hilariously awful as the E3 showing was.

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