Amazon Spain lists Just Dance: Disney Party 2 for Wii U and Wii

Ubisoft launched Just Dance: Disney Party back in 2012. Based on information coming from a retailer, it’s now looking like the game will be receiving a sequel.

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rjason121615d ago

Yeah that's what we really want, more just dance games. Thanks ubisoft! So you're gonna try and tell me that zombi u cost more to make on wii u than just dance did? Plus zombi u has sold wayyyyy more copies than any of the just dance games on wii u.

Maybay1615d ago


Even though the Wii was the sales monster it was, third parties still flooded it shovelware. The Borderlands collection is doable on Wii U (which would be awesome with the gamepad), Fallout 1 & 2, Castlevania, GTA collection... My point is that these games should be on the Wii U platform. Have a porting team like Tantalus Media on a contract basis.

Nintendo need to resolve their third party issues.