Grand Theft Auto V - New Mod Aiming To Offer Photorealistic Graphics, Currently Under Development

Toddyftw claimed that he’s aiming to make GTA V look as photorealistic as possible, and some of the following images do blend the line between reality and video-games.

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chrish19901624d ago

Oh lawwwwwwdy. My pentium III is defo gonna need an upgrade

scark921624d ago

Wow, if they are legit.. Incredible.

SaveFerris1624d ago

Indeed. These are stunning.

ShottyGibs1624d ago

Wow. I can't wait to try this

Hereiamhereibe21624d ago

And then get banned for not affecting anyone elses experience...

wannabe gamer1623d ago

disable rockstar social club and you wont be. they cant detect offline mods. not taking this into consideration is only the user or mod creators fault.

yezz1624d ago

Not for your average PCs either ;)

jivah1623d ago

Doesnt matter still possible on an average pc by upgrade or simply turning down settings, not at all for consoles tho

And having options.. well you cant beat that

bomajed1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

but but, console gamers got the game 2 years before us..... they even played it in the most cinematic frame-rate with the cinematic resolution of the VHS tapes, so they still had the best experience

sourav931624d ago

The hell's the matter with you?

agame9141624d ago

Of vhs? Its peoplelike you who leave bad tastes in gamers mouth. Why are you comparing something you can upgrade to something you can't? Do you have an inferiority complex? Do you and your PC sleep together at night? How much money do you spend on it when you guys go on a date? I only ask cause it's pretty obvious your the type who sits down all day on your computer chair with your mouth open slobbering over shitty games like "original crysis" with great graphics. You wouldn't DARE touch a smaller game or "indie game" correct? I guarantee you have steam and I guarantee you downloaded quite a few of those free indie games. No more wasting bubbles on you, your pathetic

AnotherProGamer1624d ago

Im a PC gamer but immature people like you make PC community toxic

solar1624d ago

that is pretty effing sick.

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The story is too old to be commented.