Video-Game Companions For Your Zombie Apocalypse Group

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Human beings often wonder what is going to happen when, and if, the end of time comes. Nuclear War? Global Warming? Giant Meteor? One that is often debated is the possibility of biological warfare – Zombies!

In the unlikely event that it will happen, GamersFTW are here to prepare you – with an unlikely scenario, comes even more unlikelier companions. Imagine if you had the option to include video-game characters as part of your survival group.

Which video-game characters would make the perfect post-apocalyptic zombie companions?

Let’s take a look at a few that should be considered..."

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SaveFerris1619d ago

A squad of space marines from Warhammer 40k should make short work of zombies, no matter what the number.

GamerGabs1619d ago

My team would have Bayonetta (She's badass), Professor Layton (He could solve every problem), Tim from Braid (He could rewind time), Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite (She could make supplies reappear, and throw you things at crucial moments), and Pea-shooter from Plants Vs Zombies (It's good at killing zombies, plus could be a good food supply).

MrsNesbitt1619d ago

Logical and Excellent choices!

Darkfist1619d ago

Joel( Apocalypse expert), Ratchet(weapon expert), Pipo Monkey(decoy/bait), sweet tooth(a f***** ice cream truck of death), sly cooper(can easily get supplies), bloodborne Hunter(zombie/monster slaying expert)

hamshira1619d ago

I'd take Princess Peach with me anyday.

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