Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is fixing the combat one kick at a time


"Back in 2009 (when all this was forests as far as the eye can see), Mirror's Edge did a lot of things really, really well. Free-flowing movement. Actual parkour. A bright and colourful future. But there was one thing it didn't quite pull off - guns. Sadly, when it came to heroine Faith picking up fallen boomsticks of death, the whole shebang felt at odds with the speed and dexterity of its movement."

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Fro_xoxo1615d ago

Thank you. This new Mirrors Edge might just be a masterpiece. .
I look forward to running again..

freshslicepizza1615d ago

i really liked what they were doing with the first one but i just couldn't play it very well and gave up. the controls were too complicated and not very user friendly and i didn't take the time to master them. but i am hoping this new one clicks with me right away. so far everything i have seen and read on it looks very good