PES 2016 vs FIFA 15 graphics and gameplay comparison

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have been rivals since the dawn of far nineties. Few days ago we've been granted to play PES 2016 demo. Wanna know how it looks like compared to one year older FIFA 15? Check this video then.

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dreadz741619d ago

Wow Pes takes this my goodness Fifa might just have been dethroned . The animations and ball contact was dead on wow impressive is PES 16.

cfc781619d ago

To be dethroned it will have to be better than Fifa 16 not last years Fifa 15.

dreamoner1619d ago

Like Fifa is being renovated every year; a few new features here and there and that's it, new year's fifa. Tho sports games and CoD are like this most of the time, PES is being improved a lot lately.

RedDevils1619d ago

If you actually played/watched football you would likely prefer PES over as you play more naturally than playing fifa with ronaldo and Ibarbo running and beat anyone with pace lol

sonarus1619d ago

lol i agree with u completely reddevils. I was all about PES/winning 11 PS2 era and hated fifa but they dropped the ball big time when they transitioned to PS3 and Fifa picked it up and ran with it. It took me a while to accept back then probably 3+ yrs because i was so used to PES/winning 11. The same thing will happen now. PES series last yr was much improved from the previous stuff but Fifa isn't as bad as it used to be and more importantly i am very very used to playing it. I might give new PES a try as i agree EA sports inevitably get lazy with their crap

cplus1619d ago

Could they have made the screens any smaller?

crazysapertonight1619d ago

For me (not on this video) Fifa 15 looks more impressive than pes16, especially in terms of enviroment

masterfox1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I miss the days of soccer games were actually fun to play, and by those days I mean International Super Star Soccer days.

This new soccer games look boring as hell, still all the players look like manikins, EA or Crapnami still haven't achieve the representation of the energy/power of a soccer game.

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