The Evolution of Shenmue in 10 minutes

Got 10 minutes to spare? Here's video showing how the game has evolved from unreleased Sega Sturn game to upcoming to PC and PS4 Shenmue 3.

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DigitalRaptor1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Yeah, people forget that the original Saturn version which consists of scenes from both Shenmue and Shenmue II, was a part of that original $46 million budget.

It involved research into a Sega Saturn engine, and all the work that went into what the game would need. Four years of work was then scrapped, and new systems and a brand new engine had to be created for the Dreamcast which meant that new things also had to be researched and developed for more powerful hardware capabilities. New AI, animations, fighting system, brand new assets for richer character models and environments, dynamic weather, etc.

So when people want to talk about Shenmue's budget and how a new game is possible now on a $10 million budget, they should at least know their history and what they're talking about. Especially with the fact that the team is now using Unreal Engine 4 and much of the R&D that would be required is already provided to them via middleware, and Yu's decade of exploration into Chinese culture which surrounds Shenmue III's locations and plot.

3-4-51788d ago

* PS1/PS2 had the RPG's.

If you played Sega Genesis, or N64, there weren't a lot of RPG's to play.

When Shenmue was released once the Dreamcast was out, it was THAT game with a story.

Some of us that had never experienced a good story like that, to us it was just amazing.

Those gameplay elements within were really new for the time and it felt like you could do so much more in Shenmue than in other games available for Dreamcast at it's time.

Dreamcast was a great console in terms of bringing great ideas and ip's forward into the gaming world.

Sega has always been great at creating new ip's, but it's the management of those IP's that is always the issue.

Never got to play Shenmue 2, so it would disappoint me a little bit to not get some kind of Shenmue 1&2 Hd remake.

If it's an 11 part story, you can't expect fans to care about the characters or story, when they haven't even seen or experienced the first two parts of the story.

The first two parts are HUGE in terms of setting everything up.