Digital Foundry vs Xbox One streaming on Windows 10

Ultimately, it's difficult to pass judgment on this feature. It's still early days for Windows 10 and it's entirely possible that we'll see improvements made to the streaming functionality over time. It's also difficult to judge a networked solution such as this using a small sample size. We tested game streaming on two separate networks, one of which is using a relatively high-end router, and the results were similar. Yet, there is video evidence out there of other users enjoying relatively smooth experiences in comparison. Our experience wasn't great but that doesn't mean others won't fare better. Seeing that this is a free feature included with Windows 10 it certainly doesn't hurt to try it - just don't expect a class-leading experience for now. The few moments we experienced where Xbox One streaming worked flawlessly proved that the tech is capable of delivering - we just hope that Microsoft can iron out the issues and get this feature working to the full extent of its potential.

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PistolsAtDawn1621d ago

I can only speak for my own experience....I was impressed how well it worked...little to no lag at all...I didn't feel "behind" at all when I was playing TF using streaming (and being how fast paced the game is, I figure this is where you would notice it). I have a good network with a good router, but neither are TOP of the line, but better than average. My Xbox is hardwired, but my Laptop was streaming wirelessly....all in all, it's a great feature, esp since it's free.

Rookie_Monster1621d ago

Can't beat free. I've been using it too and it runs pretty smoothly even when I am in my room away from my router located in the living room.

but shheessss, we shouldn't be talking so positive about it as people might think we are bias.

xfiles20991621d ago

The Image quality is terrible that is what I can not get past

Septic1621d ago

Well I haven't tried it yet but knowing my luck, this won't work as well. I'm gonna hold out for now until they improve it.

thisgamer5031621d ago

Assuming your home network was setup within the last decade or so, the streaming should be fine. I've setup at least 5 people now, 6 counting myself who all have no issues while streaming. I just put the video setting at medium and voila! solid streaming on everybody's setup. God knows what kind of equipment digital foundry is using for their test environment. Starting to think they're using a 20 year old 10mbit hub just to rain down the salt

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pumpactionpimp1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I didn't hear them say wether it was wired or wifi connection. Likely wifi. I have ps TV, and it performs very poorly over wifi. The input and video lag are too much to handle for anything fast paced. Although it does do well on less detailed, and time sensitive games. I would assume the same is true over Xbox one streaming, but at least you guys get it for free.

thisgamer5031621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Actually no, over wireless N my xbox streaming is quite smooth, perhaps a little twitchy on occasion. My wireless AC laptop streams as well as my wired desktop. Obviously range from the router may make a difference.

FlexLuger1621d ago


Same here.My xbox is also wired.As are my two PCs. and I have tried it out a few times. The first game I tried it with was KI, then FM5 and neverwinter, just to see what the lag was like. I was surprised at how low it was. Its there, but never to the point that it impacts the fun. But when Im playing a little more seriously. Frame rate wise? thats an odd one. because it runs butter smooth on mines, yet DF had some issues. could be down to local connection, I guess. I dunno. But I was surprised to see forza at 40FPs on theirs.

thisgamer5031621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Or.... could be bias by df if we go by Occam's razor

FlexLuger1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

"Or.... could be bias by df if we go by Occam's razor"

I am not gonna get into all that. I know how it works on my setup and I got friends who have used it too. It works fine, but im guessing it depends on the wifi in your house too. I dunno. Im not sure how this all works behind the scenes. I just play these games and use these devices and Im just relaying my own experience.

n4rc1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

i find it works well for me.. but im not nit picking it either

play batman and pga tour on my laptop in my bedroom, with a 360 controller lol... very playable but id be hesitant to play a multiplayer game like Bf4 etc.

but i now run the risk of my legs falling asleep on the toilet :O hahaha

but to be honest, its coolest feature for me is it also includes TV if you run that through the xbox.. since i dont have a TV in my room, its become pretty useful..

edit.. since hardware matters here apparently.. i run a gigabit network thru a asus RT-56u router but my laptop is 802.11n)

RzaDaRazor1621d ago

I recently made the config change to allow "very high" quality and it offers an experience VERY similar to being right in front of the tv.

parentsbasement1621d ago

Ive only used it to play Minecraft so far , worked only gripe is the boy leaves the x1 with Netflix open when he takes off and it wont stream if that's on...

PistolsAtDawn1621d ago

Yeah I guess my only grip is that it can't stream EVERYTHING that you can do on your Xbox....clearly this isn't a technical issue, but a "rights" issue. I wish Netflix and Comcast would allow streaming of everything. That or at least allow the Xbox to be playing TV/Netflix on the TV, and streaming a game similatniously....then again maybe that's already coming with the new UI (I mean if it can do both while snapped...not sure why it couldn't do this).

n4rc1621d ago

it streams my cable tv input.. maybe its provider based?

parentsbasement1621d ago

I'm not sure why either as I have Netflix on the same computer I'm trying to stream to.....BUT , if it cant then give me a "This app cant be streamed , would you like to close it?" option...

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