Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Preview | Mouse N Joypad

It almost feels like it was yesterday that I played Trine for the first time. A real marvel of a game, it was. Not only did it feature beautiful graphics and phenomenal physics, but there were also some really good puzzles to be found as the three unlikely heroes made their way through the given encounters. It was a different kind of sidescroller/platformer, and people recognized the value of this new title. Two years later, Trine 2 was released for the general public to enjoy. This title was a much-improved version of an already brilliant game. With even prettier visuals and more dynamic sequences, Trine 2 was better in virtually every way, except maybe for the puzzles, which were now a tad bit too easy for my taste. After these two games and a hefty expansion, there was little place for improvement and thus Frozenbyte, the developer, had to come up with something new for the series’ third installment. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is, then, the seemingly final evolutionary step for this series.

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