Stick it to Konami With This Awesome VHS Style Box Art for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

There's a very retro fan-made cover for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and you can download it now.

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masterfox1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

wow looks freaking awesome!! downloading right now!, will print on glossy paper put on MGS V take a picture and send right to Konami to whatever email I find lol. :D

1621d ago
sonarus1621d ago

What if microsoft got kojima to make an exclusive game for them. That more than any Halo or lame EA access would get me to buy an XBox one in a heart beat.

I am very afraid for the state of MGS. Konami is trying to destroy my favorite gaming series since i can remember.

VaporShalashaska1621d ago


Honestly I'd prefer if Kojima started a completely fresh IP that was multi-plat (PC included, now that the FOX Engine streamlines the process).

I really love the MGS series, but I'd like for it to stop here, also MGSV is the perfect game to end the series on (albeit, it'd be amazing with a 'The Boss' spin-off). It'd be really sad to see MGS being milked further after this. I know Konami will probably do that, but I'll ignore those games and think of them as non-canon.

The worst news ever for me would be that Kojima was restricted in any way, either creatively or otherwise, by a company who'll try to use him in a way so that he will be able to draw as many new potential buyers as possible as opposed to making a game he really has passion for.

3-4-51622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

* Stick it to Konami but buying MGS5 used.

Buy it used. They don't get the profit then.

You're not screwing over the employees that way, as they get their salary regardless.

That person in charge of want to get him back? Buy the game USED!

Bansai1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Yes, buy it used and show Konami the series is up for the killing because profit was low, let's make them think AAA games aren't worth the effort and time, let's push them into making MGS Pachinko or Mobile game. Genius idea.

No :/ I want the series to continue (without Kojima it might be different, but there isn't a lot of stealth games anymore) so I urge you to support it.

diesoft1621d ago

@Bansai Supporting their behavior only encourages them to continue it. They already don't make games anymore. Seriously, besides this and pro evo game they're putting out, what else do they make anymore? They have a vault full of great gaming IPs and they're just sitting on them.

I love MGS, too, but Konami is a shadow of who they once were and I, for one, cannot be okay with what they're doing. If they're going to just fart out cheap games and pachinko machines then it's best to just let them go or fire whoever is actually making these strange decisions. They seem to be more interested in making money in other ways so we have to let them go. Sad times for lifelong gamers. :(

ReconHope1621d ago

I'm tempted but I want sales to reflect so Kojima will know that we bought his swan song. Just don't buy anymore metal gear games after.

KingPin1621d ago

buying a used game means someone has to buy the game new.

I_am_Batman1621d ago

Completely agree with ReconHope. I'm buying it new. I know I'm giving Konami money but it's probably the last money they'll get from me.

jdubrady1621d ago

okay. you can buy it off of me cause im getting it day 1.

rocketpanda1621d ago


There would probably be support for the franchise if Konami wasn't well.....Konami. Regardless of who will get to produce the next MGS, they will still treat their creative staff with contempt and let's face it farm out the game to any development studio that will make it on the cheap like they did with Silent Hill.

Let them make a shitty pachinko game, because they are probably going to do that anyway, because that is where they are making their money with gambling.

P.T was highly praised and struck gold with gamers, yet they pulled the plug without a nothing explanation. Konami deserves all the BS they are getting. Kojima and his staff deserve much more. Getting the game second hand, seeing as Kojima Productions is basically no more after MGSV gets released with senior staff moving on, or at least I will buy the game on a sale.

This is the same Konami that made my favourite and still favourite RPG, suikoden 2 that said they won't make RPGs because they don't know how to anymore, because their creative talents went else where or they got rid of them. They have no idea how to manage their gaming division.

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showtimefolks1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

what? how can we stick it to konami when we will buy the game for full price at launch? when will we as gaming community understand that if we want to make a true difference than we have to speak with out wallets

fact of the matter is we are all talk. we will always buy our favorite games no matter how a developer or teared or how much a publisher is screwing the fans

Atleast I admit it, I can't wait for a used copy. I will happily pay full price knowing this could be the final mgs game by kojima.

a change of cover art on our own game box doesn't affect konami. but I will still download this and the other one with kojima all over for my own pleasure.

whether we like Konami or not, they still funded mgs 5. I don't like what's going on over there as much as the next fan, but bottom line is 2e still don't know and we may never know what is truly or why is any of this happening

ZaWarudo1622d ago

That is amazing. Bravo.

LAWSON721622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I already downloaded the one with Kojima labeled all over it.

Snookies121622d ago

Just have a box that says Hideo Kojima on it. That's what I want. Lol, but seriously this is pretty awesome. I just can't wait to finally play his last masterpiece.

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