How to Survive Storm Warning Edition Now Available for Free on Xbox One

The second free Xbox One game from the month of August is now available to download for Xbox Live Gold members.

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Riddler891615d ago

Just started playing.. actually a pretty decent game so far, cant camplain really when its free

Army_of_Darkness1615d ago

Played through this game twice a while back on my ps4 with different characters. Personally, I find this game pretty awesome(it's a hidden gem to me ), it's sometimes tactical, sometimes mindless shooting, nerve wrecking at times lol! but just overall fun! And you guy's get it for free so that is pretty sweet!

Riddler891615d ago

Yeah exactly.. even if it wasn't free I think 20 bucks is a pretty good deal for it.. you got your money worth for sure Imo but yeah getting it free is pretty nice lol

Lon3wolf1615d ago

Not bad only played solo so far, will be great with friends though, nice freebie. I love having all the consoles so far, some great games all round.

Skate-AK1615d ago

Bought this like 6 months ago. Got 3/4 of the way through it and got to a part where the framerate starts chugging and then the game constantly crashes and I cant progress. It really pissed me off. PS4 version.