Top 10 racing games on Xbox One

Steve C. writes: 'I’ve been waiting a couple of months now to do this article. When I first thought about doing this list, I started to put the games in order and then realised that there hadn’t been ten racing games released on Xbox One. Well, we now have enough contenders, so here we go'

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Rookie_Monster1627d ago

Nice list.

For me Forza 6 will no doubt be the top racers when released but if you also count the games that will be coming via BC like Forza 1, Project Gotham Racing 4, and others....there are potentially endless possibilities to choose from on XB1.

1627d ago
xfiles20991627d ago

Forza 6 for me at least till GT7

urwifeminder1627d ago

Agree Rallisport is the only thing really missing am glad PG4 bc is coming i will dust it off my HD will choc full of racing.

Perjoss1627d ago

If Dirt Rally makes it onto consoles that will be great, its such a good game, many are even comparing it to Richard Burns Rally in terms of the driving model, and they are adding new content to it all the time.