The Top 5 PS3 Games That Belong on The PS Vita

The PS3 is chock full of titles and there is no doubt about that. However when playing through some of the PS3 titles you can't help but think just how awesome it would be to play some of these Playstation 3 games on your PS Vita. Thus the VitaBoys went and compiled a list of the 5 PS3 games that should have been on the Playtsation Vita a long time ago.

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isarai1625d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes should become a vita exclusive series as well as Ape Escape, i thought it would be genius if they ushered in dual analog sticks on handheld like they did on PS1 with a new Ape Escape

Protagonist1625d ago

inFamous would have been cool.

I would however like to see a puzzle-platformer adventure game like Catherine on the Vita.