Xbox Manager Talks Phenomenal Xbox One Line-Up, Growth in Europe; Admits Sony Does a Great Job There

Mainland Europe has always been pretty much a PlayStation stronghold, and Microsoft has struggled considerably during the current generation in establishing a solid spearhead there, but things are improving according to Xbox EMEA Social Marketing Manager Graeme Boyd.

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Rookie_Monster1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Competiton is good. Glad I invested in both consoles. Gotta love it when executives can be nice and gives credit where credit is due to each other; moreso, than most fans iteslf.

Very nice video there Abriael.

Abriael1625d ago

Video is not mine :D Credit for that goes all to the folks from TIC, they do very nice podcasts.

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Barnaby-Jones1625d ago

Looking forward to the line-up increasing in the years to come. Would love to see a new Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Otogi, Jade Empire and more Rare titles included alongside new ips. Hopefully they also bring Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon to Backwards Compatibility.

Kurisu1625d ago

Lost Odysee and Blue Dragon were two of the RPG's that I missed out on last gen seeing as I didn't have a 360, so I'd really like the opportunity to play those on Xbox One.

3ndulg31625d ago

Agreed oh yes all them games you just put down are good.

XanderZane1625d ago

If they do a Lost Odyssey and Jade Empire 2 i will freak out. Only other game I'd like to see is MechAssault 3 and some exclusive Sports games. I miss NFL Fever and NBA Inside Drive.

Walker1625d ago

Europe is sony's home !

donthate1625d ago

I think Sony's home is warming up to MS now. It won't make Xbox as popular as Playstation, but it is a slow, but consistent progress.

majiebeast1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

How is Sony having 70-90% of the European market, warming up to Xbox? They lost marketshare since the 360 they did not gain anything.

Spotie1625d ago

Warming up how? What statistics make you say that?

Paleblood1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

You mean like xbox on japan

Xbox can't even warm up on its home territory and you believe it can in Sony's territory.

No logic at all.

Professor_K1624d ago

Japan* technicaly speaking

raggy-rocket1625d ago

Sony's doing a great job everywhere at the moment (obviously). I only hope as the underdog (xbox fan) that we can get closer to rubbing shoulders like we did back then (close to equal sales at end of gen. Note how I say close to, not actually equal just in case any fanboys start throwing figures at me). I love how being the underdog has motivated Microsoft, but I get a general feeling of condescension now when Xbox is talked about. Not that it bothers me, but I think being closer to 'even' in the sales front means both are taken equally seriously and there isn't such defensiveness on the 'losing' side and obnoxiousness on the 'winning' one.

Being the underdog is good for me as an xbox fan, but being neck and neck ensures both sides are fully motivated, which is healthier for the industry as a whole

Here's hoping xbox picks up some steam this next year :)

CBforeva1625d ago

I seriously need to say, that probably you are the most straight headed XBOX fan based on your comments. I'm so happy to read meaningful thoughts about these kind of topics without hate and trolling. (I meant this for for any side: PS, XBox, PC...) Competition is the best for us. Game on, my friend! ;)

04STIBluByU1625d ago

I agree with CB you are the most level headed XB fan out there. It is nice for a change. One thing that always bugs me though is when people say if we don't have competition then it sucks for gamers. I am 30 and was having the time of my life during the PS2 era and not once did I say to myself damn this sucks we need more competition I wish MS were here. I don't know if you are too young to have experienced that era but it makes me scratch my head when people think we need competition or gaming will suck. Since Sony came on the scene they have dominated gaming worldwide because they have DIVERSITY. They cater to everyone not 2 or 3 major playing types. When people say I hate jrpg's, so Sony is not getting a sale from me...yeah maybe but they will get it worldwide, some people don't understand they are alienating a whole genre that people around the world love...thats what SOME fans of MS don't understand. This was a long rant not pointed at you raggy...just really scratching my head about this sometimes. Have a bubble dude! Just for having to read this! LOL

Paytaa1625d ago

And sir you win N4G for the day

PistolsAtDawn1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Exactly, I love all the consoles and get them all every gen, but I will admit that I prefer the X1 the most this hate towards the others, but I just have a favorite is all...and if MS losing the console sales lead or whatever keeps giving us gaming years like 2015 and'll NEVER EVER get a complaint from me. My x1 has been WELL worth every penny, and it looks like it's only getting better and better from here. The rest of this year is amazing, 2016 looks like it might be even better...and the things like New UI, universal apps, DX12, Cloud computing, and HMD's like Hololens...the future looks damn bright....EXCELLENT time to be a gamer.

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Lucreto1625d ago

Microsoft have a lot to do in Europe. The up to 90% marketshare for PS4 is not a good start.

Gamescom while a good show did nothing to incentives people in Europe to buy an Xbox. It was more of a 2016 show with repeats of E3.

Then software sales are poor outside the UK. Greece has no Xbox games in the top 10, neither did Spain, Italy, France and Sweden. In the German top 100, 36 were PS4 and 6 were Xbox.

They need to develop more games that appeal in Europe. Racing games are strong in Europe but Forza can't get traction compared to Gran Turismo.

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