Destiny: Why Xur Is Selling Gjallahorn This Weekend

Every week on Friday mornings, Destiny players around the world wake up and go immediately to the internet to see what Xur, the exotic salesman, has to sell. Xur arrives on Fridays and leaves on Saturday nights, selling one exotic piece of equipment for each class, an exotic weapon, and an exotic engram, but is this a nice thing Bungie is doing?

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xHeavYx1626d ago

To make some people happy, even though it's about to be nerfed and become obsolete after the new DLC drops.

KyRo1626d ago

Exotics are upgradable in TTK and it's only the Wolfpack rounds being nerfed. It will still be a great option for crucible and non Taken King related missions.

TheSaint1626d ago

It is being nerfed but I think Exotics will carry over, not certain but that's the gist of what Bungie are saying.

masterfox1626d ago

the Gjallahorn is the perfect example in how Bungie has failed to deliver proper and rewarding DLC, I mean just look at it, the Ghorn has been Destiny since day one and still theres hasn't been any other weapon the players can go and say this is better than the ghorn, not only this rocket launcher but other weapons as well like Fatebringer, Icebreaker, Suros Regime, all of them since day one.

InTheZoneAC1626d ago

what is wrong with a weapon being the best of it's class?

even if you didn't have ghorn you can still do with other rocket launchers with tracking

Palitera1626d ago

The problem is the completely random loot system, IMO, completely ignoring player skill, effort and performance to distribute loot.
The guy that "wins" one match in the arena, for instance, is in the same pot as the AFKers.

This is purely bad design.

I played a lot of Destiny, but won't buy Destiny 2, as I have not bought any content removed from the prerelease development. It is absolutely clear that everything in this game is designed towards DLC, as much as the RMAH screwed the progression of Diablo 3. They won't have my money.

wsoutlaw871626d ago

there are plenty hand cannons better than fatebringer and almost all dlc weapons are better than suros.

FamilyGuy1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The Black Hammer is better than the Gjallahorn and it came out with The Dark Below DLC. As testament to this fact (note: opinion) it is the ONLY LEGENDARY-class weapon that was specifically called out in patch notes as being nerfed in the upcoming update. It was Over-powered.

The Black Hammers exotic perk, White Nail, allowed the weapon to basically have an endless supply of ammo without EVER having to reload if you were a good enough marksmen. It also has one of the highest Impacts of all sniper rifles. This, along with it BEING Legendary-class, rather than Exotic (allowing you to have it and an Exotic equipped in another slot at the same time) makes it BETTER than the Gjallahorn.

In conclusion:
I disagree with your claim. Though I DO believe many of the "vanilla Destiny" weapons are the best in the game, I just can't say that there haven't been any DLC weapons that were better. Black Hammer (pre-nerf) is a God among Legendary weapons, it technically should be an exotic and because it ISN'T Exotic it is BETTER than the Gjallahorn.

vickers5001626d ago

BH isn't overpowered. It's situational, and required a lot of skill to use, which is a lot because imo, sniper controls suck in Destiny.

Not very useful against crota, atheons crit spot is too small and he moves way too much for it to be useful there, so it's really only overpowered in strikes and PoE, but strikes are already overpowered with the burns they put on them, and it's no longer good against skolas with his nerf. So nightfalls, and sub35 poes. Useful in a few situations does not make it overpowered.

FamilyGuy1625d ago

It had an ENDLESS ammo supply, never having to reload when you hit your mark, that is over-powered and it is getting nerfed because of it.

I had no problem using it against Atheon, The Templar or the Gate Keeper. It worked great when Omnigul starts her song in the Crota raid and against those Ogres. Walker legs and the Thrusters on the Tank were the biggest over-sights for a high-damage weapon with endless ammo and no reloading. It works great on EVERY BOSS in the game except for Crota.

The only place Black Hammer "isn't over-powered" is in the crucible.

Baka-akaB1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

So ? It would be quite a slap if dlc weapons were instantly better because newer . And Some of them actually are for some aspects and usage . All those efforts and paying money gives you an edge ? I dont see that being well received at all .

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Septic1626d ago

Even i logged in to purchase it then logged out lol

InTheLab1626d ago

Might run a few strikes for it. 23 coins or 17?

rezzah1626d ago

It is worth getting, even after the nerf it could still be in the top 5 Heavy list or Rocket Launchers.

Kingoftherodeo1626d ago

i logged on just to buy it did the game of thrones "now his watch has ended" ritual done with destiny finally the only weapon that failed to give no matter how many hours i put into the game since release.

Palitera1626d ago

And this is exactly why Bungictivision didn't allow this to happen earlier. They obviously know how many people are playing the worst RNG designed ever only to find this weapon.
They kept this card until the very end, since the weapon will probably be irrelevant next month.

Jmanzare1626d ago

Pretty much. I also feel when the game starts to lose its population they do something like this.. Like they did with ice breaker or bring back iron banner

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