Street Fighter V on PS4: Watch Two Online Matches in Shiny 1080p, 60 FPS from the Beta

Yesterday Capcom accidentally (or so it seems) opened an internal stress test of the PS4 beta of Street Fighter V to the public, and many managed to get quite a few matches under their belt.

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Rookie_Monster1626d ago

It is still not available to most of the public yet. But it is good news that it is being worked on and going though these tests.

Eonjay1626d ago

When it was announced at China Joy that 500k people had preordered Street Fighter 5 in China alone, it became really obvious that everyone around the planet wants in on this. Capcom is going to have to develop a solution to deal with the insane amount of volume this title will generate. Millions; day one is a given. This is the fighter of the gen.

Rookie_Monster1625d ago

Totally agreed. Cant wait to play it at PSX this December as there will be a Capcom SFV tourney going on as well.

Majin-vegeta1626d ago

I managed to log in and play for awhile.Holy crap i have no idea what they did with the netcode but i was fantastic.I saw no delays hit detection was spot on.

Athlon1625d ago

I'm in the beta but wasn't able to play due to the issues. Are you saying that the beta still works now?

Tripl3seis1625d ago

I can't wait for this let's go

RosweeSon1625d ago

I got an update for the Beta the other day was hoping I was gonna be able to jump on but no still down but they are updating it.