Dishonored 2 Video Explains Who Emily Kaldwin Is and Showcases Her Powers

Dishonored 2 adds a new playable protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, who returns from the first Dishonored. Bethesda just a published a video explaining who she is.

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SaveFerris1622d ago

I hope that the choice of character doesn't mean the death of the other, but I will definitely play as both. Corvo first, then Emily maybe?

Slightly off topic, Jessica Finster is hot.

poppinslops1622d ago

I like that the game will have replay value, but also hope it doesn't mean death... if it does, then it's bye bye Corvo - one dead Emperess is forgivable, but two is too many.

That said, this choice could be the result of any number of things - maybe one of them is captured, buying the other time to escape?

Or perhaps there's a price to pay for the Outsider's abilities?

The political situation might require that one of them remain in the capitol while the other takes care of business abroad... Emily and Corvo might even become 'enemies' - it'd be a hell of a fight.

SaveFerris1622d ago

Interesting. I wonder if Corvo would be the 'I'm too old for this sh..' character having to resume his assassin duties, whilst Emily would be the more determined of the two in regards to their mission. The story would seem to be too similar to the first game if it was merely revenge for the death of someone close (Emily/Corvo).
The last part you mention regarding the two being enemies, I doubt Corvo would want to fight his *SPOILERS* daughter. It would be hell for him that's for sure.

poppinslops1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Is she actually his daughter?

I noticed Harvey mentioned she might be, but I never got that impression... besides, if Emily was a bastard then she wouldn't be eligible for the throne.

And by keeping Corvo at her side, the Original Empress Kaldwin would have aroused suspicions and endangered the girl... but when the assassin's came, it was for different reasons.

I guess I just assumed Emily's father was a long-dead 'Emperor Kaldwin'... perhaps it's time for a replay?

As for my 'enemies' suggestion, I was thinking it could be a ploy - similar to the trick pulled by your 'buddies' in the first game, but used as a means of drawing-out their (Corvo & Emily's) true enemies... sort of like how Palpatine used the Seperatists as a means of strenghthening his grip on power, then wiping them out as the Emperor.

Elimin81621d ago

i seriously think it's more like infamous. only difference is you can select between two people as oppose to one? Not that there's good and evil between the characters but I'm assuming you can play through 2x. 1 per.

Just a thought..

SaveFerris1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@ poppinslops
Well, there is the log entry from Havelock's diary where he asks the exact same question.

In any case, it seemed like he was in a close relationship with the Empress, and he cared for Emily as if she were his daughter. Emily would only be denied the throne if it could be proven that she was illegitimate. No-one would dare make such an accusation without proof as that would be political suicide.
I'm only concerned that if Corvo is killed off, it conflicts with the last part of the Low Chaos ending that the Outsider narrates in the first game.
Hopefully the developers give the game an interesting and engaging story using these popular characters.