The Future Of Splatoon

NE: "It has been a couple months since Splatoon‘s launch, and it finally feels like the game has really come together. Missing modes and options have been added, and the amount of stages and weapons has been considerably expanded. The game didn’t feel like a totally finished product at launch, but at this point I’d argue that it definitely does. Any small remaining issues issues I have are thanks to conscious decisions by the developers; as far as options and levels go, I feel the game is most definitely an utterly satisfying one.

Which is why I’m so interested in a recent piece of news on the game: Nintendo plans to continue releasing free DLC for Splatoon beyond its big August update, and paid DLC is not in the works. It’s interesting because Nintendo could likely start selling new maps and modes for money in a month or two, and if the pricing is good (a la Mario Kart 8), people would eat it up – myself included. At the very least, they don’t need to keep offering major new content: they could let the game stay relatively the same as it is now (plus a few Splatfests) and few would complain."

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