Need for Speed: Watch More Fantastic-Looking 1080p PS4 Gameplay – Customization, Driving and More

More direct-feed gameplay of Need for Speed has been released, showing another taste of what the demo available at Gamescom looks like on Sony's console.

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cfc781616d ago

Be keeping a close eye on NFS its really starting to grab my attention.

Forum_Pirate1616d ago

Still has always on DRM, still not buying.

Septic1616d ago

Oh damn. Is it because of how DRM will affect you or just the principle of the matter?

Forn1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I think it's just EA's 'bleed gamer of all being' stance on business these days.

sammarshall1021616d ago

Same here I'm not going to support always-online anything

I wouldn't own a Xbox One if DRM stuck around

abstractel1616d ago

Yeah this is a huge bummer for me too. What about in X amount of years when they decide to take down the servers? Will you be able to go back and play the game?

Not having an offline option is a really bad decision. Otherwise the game looks great.

I'm not sure whether I'll buy it or not.

Lennoxb631616d ago

I don't care. If a game is good; regardless of whether its online only or not, I'm playing it.

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AntiZeal0t1616d ago

I think it looks really good, love the customisation, but I wonder if you can disable the dynamic camera while turning. I'm willing to give it a shot of course,but I could see it getting in the way at times.

crazychris41241616d ago

yup you can shut off the drift camera

crazychris41241616d ago

Always online is just stupid. Look at the 1st video, at 3:35, the guy is rammed into over and over again while he is trying to do a race. Its going to be infuriating having to deal with these idiots who will constantly be in your way while your trying to win a race and avoid cops. Dont understand why they couldnt give us an offline option.

Forum_Pirate1616d ago

It's a BS anti consumer practice intended to stop piracy that hurts the paying customers while pirates will crack it inside a week just like they do all the other software based DRM and they'll be rewarded with the superior experience.

In short, it's because EA is stupid and figures the best way to prevent piracy is to provide an experience inferior to the pirated versions.

sammarshall1021616d ago

Yeah the game looks good and realistic but I don't care how good it looks if I can't play it alone

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The story is too old to be commented.