'The Taken King' Is Turning 'Destiny' Into A Game For Casuals

I don’t understand Destiny’s success. Or rather, I don’t understand the ferocity of its fans. Perhaps this is simply the curmudgeon in me, the gamer that never quite understood or liked the things that make massively multiplayer online games what they are today. I don’t understand why every tidbit of Destiny news is so voraciously devoured—whether that’s simply news that you can buy the awkwardly named Gjallarhorn at the intrepid merchant Xur, or that said weapon and its brother Thorn are getting nerfed. I’ve never felt particularly attached to a weapon in a video game, except for maybe the Balder Side Sword in Dark Souls. But even that, I wouldn’t expect to read about in multiple gaming outlets multiple times a year.

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SaveFerris1626d ago

Wasn't Destiny designed for casuals in the first place?

Godmars2901626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

That would have required a story rather than notes to check out blog entries, and cutscenes which do more than dramatically hint at things.

Nitrowolf21626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The game has always been Casual, despite having a confusing leveling structure to many. Right from the very start, like SaveFerris said, Bungie wanted to design it so it's an easy, accessible experience for everyone. I'm gonna assume that the majority of players, even the hardcore ones, would agree that the game is designed for Casual.

Do mind, this doesn't mean it's easy, it'll still offer challenges like it does now, but looking at Destiny as a whole it's pretty casual.

This TTK update is just fixing a lot of what we disliked about the game from the very start. So yea, it is making it even more accessible, and casual, but that in no way is a bad thing because it wasn't designed as such from the start.

Baka-akaB1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Yeah it always was a casual co-op based experience . And even it's hardest encounters always had strategies and cheap solutions to make it as a team .

Beyond obvious and glaring flaws , some of tedious elements started because they focused on the wrong thing to fix and care about ...

Like caring at all about the wishes of people obsessed with pvp competition (with carrots and sticks) , in a game that should propose it and follow standards , but should never dictate the whole game's content .

It lead to tedious constant rebalance of weapons , when if they wanted to please that crowd , they should have created two set of rules for each weapons and type of weapons , one for pve , one for pvp , at least . Thus truly taking inpirations from a few mmo and pvp centric mp games like Guild Wars .

Instead they screwed everyone over , without even satisfying that pvp crowd .... and while refusing stuff that would deepen and help the casual encounters , like raid matchmaking for those that want it , even if ill advised .

That and of course actual and valuable pve content in sufficient amount

XBLSkull1625d ago

Lol Destiny is terrible, you can't ruin it with an expansion.

joab7771625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Destiny works b/c it's using the carrot trick, and it has some of the best fps controls to date. Mix in a beautiful world, and the mmo/play with friends stique, and of course it's gonna be the way it is.

And I don't think it's being toned down for the casuals. I think it needs to be b/c it's become a convoluted mess that can't move forward. This resets the game and gives us a game that can be built upon for yrs.

wsoutlaw871625d ago

It is sad because the fps gameplay is actually great. The content and the way bungie handles the game, is not up to par

Kombatologist1625d ago

I play a lot of console FPS, and I personally wouldn't go as far as saying it has some of the best FPS controls to date. If we're talking button layout, then yeah, that part felt good. But the free look and hit detection aren't exactly precise.

3-4-51625d ago

The Crucible requires skill, as does the most difficult bosses in the game.

Also requires good teamwork.

Aside from that, yes there is casual elements built in.

I think they are just trying to get as many people as possible hooked on this TYPE of gameplay, and then as it continues to grow, so will the fan theory at least.

People who wouldn't play WoW, might actually play this.

wsoutlaw871625d ago

skill? teamwork? The only bosses that require teamwork are the raids where the game requires more than one person by design, but not team work.

monsterduc10001625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Crucible doesn't take skill. It takes having either Thorn, Hawkmoon, Last Word or The Messenger and a decent shottie. These are the dominant weapons and if you don't have one, you will be slaughtered by those that do... Until they are nerfed by the new expansion of course :-)

maybelovehate1626d ago

Even though the headline is pure ClickBait, it is a pretty informative article. Destiny is streamlining so many parts of the game for the better.

N311V1625d ago

I couldn't agree more. It takes a couple of paragraphs to hit the meat of the story but once there it's good.

Definetely a click bait title though. I only find that annoying when the story didn't match the title. In this case I'd say he's pushing it. I don't think the changes will make Destiny more casual. Just less bloated and less reliant on RNG, both good things.

greenmiker1626d ago

A great article by Forbes with interesting information inside.

WeAreLegion1625d ago

If Forbes doesn't work out, you can always work for Buzzfeed or Polygon.

Baka-akaB1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Yup , many actually , it even has been popping back on charts , before the Taken King is even out

DeadlyOreo1625d ago

Yep. I've recently started playing it again after giving it a very long break. I feel like the game is definitely a much better experience now, and Taken King sounds very promising. The only thing thay bothers me is unfortunately I can't do the raids since I don't have 5 friends who are playing this at the moment. They should allow for some sort of match making.

darren_poolies1625d ago

Just use Destinylgf, you can find plenty of people quickly and easily to do the raids with, it's what I use and I've met a lot of cool people though it.

N311V1625d ago

I only play with one actual friend, the other 4 we find useing or one of the Destiny LFG sites.

Not had a bad experience yet playing with randoms. I think it's because people that will go to the effort to use one of those sites are more committed than you'd find with in game matchmaking.

monsterduc10001625d ago

Just hit up the Destiny forums and join up from there. Always people looking for raid partners.

darren_poolies1625d ago

I hate it when people post this in every Destiny article. Yes people still play it, in fact millions still play it. Just because you stopped (or have never played it) doesn't mean everyone else has.

T2X1625d ago

Exactly. I stopped playing it a while back at lvl 28 I think. But, I still have it and will jump back in when these changes are made. It was one of those games that pissed me off because you could see how good it could be and they just missed the target a bit. I enjoyed it a lot, except for 2 things. 1. The matchmaking or lack thereof. 2. The convoluted system Vanguard points, these points, those points, light points to level up ect. JUST USE EXP points for Pete's sake! LOL!

antz11041625d ago


And that my friend are two points being addressed in the patch. It's gotten a lot better already but the patch should make a huge difference.

N311V1625d ago

It's currently the 4th hottest game on N4G

I don't recall seeing it fall out of the top ten since release.

FamilyGuy1625d ago

It fell out of the top ten about a month ago but it came back with all the articles being posted daily about it.

bananaboats1625d ago

I don't understand the pathetic satisfaction people like you get from posting this redundant question.

Bismarn1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I feel the same way as the article writer and this commenter, I'm always suprised/annoyed when I see Destiny news on N4G. I understand people still play it, but I still play Diablo III but don't expect every patch and nerfing to get front page news. There are plenty of places for Destiny players to get their news and argue.

Instead of N4G filtering by platform (which doesn't work half the time because everyone abuses the tags), I would like to filter *out* news about games that I'm not interested in that keep spamming the site. If I got my wish Destiny would be #1 and all the Dark Souls games would be next.

antz11041625d ago

Lol then maybe you should take a break from the site for the next few months. This isn't some minor nerf patch, it's a major overhaul that's going to change the game from the ground up. Destiny is going to be top news here for a while.

Oagoz1625d ago

3.2 million unique log ins a day

FamilyGuy1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Where did you read that?
People have been asking this question abut actual numbers of people still playing for months.

JWiLL5521625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Hey look, it's this post.

Destiny is still one of the most popular games on consoles and will remain that way even after CoD and Battlefront come out. Their Game Informer cover story articles for this expansion were hitting 500k views in the first day.

Why? Dat Bungie gunplay, that's why. No other shooter has the same core mechanics or weighted feel that Destiny does. Bungie still makes the most satisfying FPS gameplay out there, which kept people playing despite the game lacking in other areas.

1624d ago
hulk_bash19871625d ago

People are still surprised that people still play Destiny? It's fun for me to play with my buddies and take down bosses, get loot and challenge other people in the Crucible. I love the game and I can't wait for TTK.

rezzah1625d ago

People still play video games?

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pompombrum1625d ago

Says the game is more casual friendly - still doesn't add matchmaking for raids and nightfalls.

WellyUK1625d ago

yep thats what killed the game for me, going through a website forum is no different to finding a group through matchmaking...

maybelovehate1625d ago

It is definitely different but I do think they should allow matchmaking for those that want it.

bananaboats1625d ago

you can pick and choose thru a website, and get a clear idea of what experience or gear someone has before inviting them.

matchmaking is all up to luck

Spotie1625d ago

Considering the amount of teamwork such things require, I'm not all that upset. It would be nice, sure, but as much time as I've wasted in doomed-from-the-start raids in DC Universe, I'm okay with actively finding a team for Destiny.

leemo191625d ago

The drawback of adding matchmaking for raids is you need communication. Lots of times people don't use a mic or have no clue what their doing making something harder than it really is. So I understand why Bungie did that for raids, for the nf though I agree it needs matchmaking.

WellyUK1625d ago

Not really... Look at MMO's they have 20x the dungeons in Destiny and some of them have way more mechanics to boss fights. After a while people would learn how to do them just like in MMO's. The game is a an FPS as well so it's not like the mechanics go much further than shooting people in the face 90% of the time...

JWiLL5521625d ago

I'll give you nightfalls.

Matchmaking for raids is a terrible idea. It takes 2 minutes on LFG and means you aren't stuck with a group of players with no mic and shitty gear.

Tankbusta401625d ago

And yet other mmorpgs have survived all these years with match making and much more difficult raids...anyone who hates match making is just darn retarded... If you already have groups to play with you don't need and won't use it

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