The Vote for Your Next PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie Is Live

Posted 11:30am Thu 13th Aug 2015 by Sammy Barker

What will it be?

Make up your mind time
Well, this is all rather novel and exciting, isn't it? Sony has launched the inaugural Vote to Play competition on the PlayStation 4, allowing you to choose your next PlayStation Plus freebie. The poll – which can be accessed via the What's New app at the present, but will presumably also appear in the PlayStation Store – includes written and video intel on each candidate, and is impressively implemented

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IamTylerDurden11616d ago

The games are all interesting but i think Zombie Vikings is easily the best choice.

Zombie Vikings is a brand new game made for PS4 and it will release September 1st, the day of the PS+ update. The other 2 games are small PC ports.

Zombie Vikings is the only game with real time combat.

Zombie Vikings has loot, upgradable abilities, special moves, huge boss fights.

Zombie Vikings has a 10hr campaign that can be played in singleplayer or up to 4 player co op, online or local. It has multiplayer arenas as well.

It's a mixture between Dragon's Crown and Castle Crashers but with Norse mythology and better visuals. Oh, and humor. It's said to have a platinum trophy as well. It has a story written by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal writers with wonderfully voiced and fully animated cutscenes.

Also, grow home is a cheap 8$ game, Zombie Vikings is a bigger more expensive game so if grow home loses it'll be very affordable considering it'll be on sale and it's so cheap to begin with.

IamTylerDurden11614d ago

Too bad this article isn't on the general front page.

U can vote in the store or what's new.

Zombie Vikings is so legit it'll have a physical release as well.

I don't understand why everybody wouldn't vote Zombie Vikings, it is a full story with so much awesome combat and gameplay.