Media Molecule’s PS4 Exclusive “Dreams” gets Tons of WIP Screenshots Showing Failure and Success

Media Molecule’s PS4 exclusive Dream is extremely interesting, not only due to the creativity that pervades its gameplay, but also due to the intensive experimentation in the field of rendering that brought to the unique look you saw at E3.

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Godmars2901622d ago

Still no idea what it actually is then. Aside from artistic.

kupomogli1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

That's because it is nothing. It's a tool for creating art and nothing more. If we've known about it for as long as we have and we haven't been able to gather any other information than seeing them use it to create different animations and images, then that kind of tells people right there what it is.

It's a not, it's an art program. I really have no imagination so I'll be skipping it, but maybe there are some people who will get use out of it. I honestly think that the game is going to bomb incredibly hard because very few gamers are going to want a game like this.

Other people have been saying LittleBigPlanet, but there's been no indication of that other than the same developers. Until they show gameplay that shows anything more than just an art tool, that's what I'm going to view it as.

FlexLuger1621d ago

"I really have no imagination so I'll be skipping it, but maybe there are some people who will get use out of it. I honestly think that the game is going to bomb incredibly hard because very few gamers are going to want a game like this. "

I think this is probably the most honest thing I have heard somebody say about this. Ultimatley it will be creative/artistic people who get the most out of this. I am a musician so While I am an artistic person,but I am not much of a visual artist.

I think the LBP comparison is well off though.This is not actually a game. Nor will anybody be making games in it. Because thats not what it was designed for.

1621d ago
TricksterArrow1621d ago

You can still play the creations of other people and, probably, the dev itself. You don't need to mess with the game's tools if you don't want to...

iceman061621d ago

@Flex...."I am a musician..." So, create music for a "dream" that someone else created. "I honestly think the game is going to incredibly hard because very few gamers are going to want a game like this." That very thing was said about LBP in the beginning. Look at where it is now.
If it's not your thing, I get it. However, you have to be patient with this one. What we saw at E3 was meant to spark your imagination as to the possibilities with this game. I'm sure we will see some more concrete applications later on...much like LBP.

IamTylerDurden11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

@ kupomojli & flex

Ur dead wrong, u didn't see the action sequences in the e3 demo? This isn't much different from LBP, ppl will create art or concerts but also levels and games to be playable just like LBP.

Mm said at e3 that ultimately they are GAME CREATORS and ultimately they create games. They said that Dreams will be a game with playable levels created by them (Mm), there will be a playable game created by Mm.

The creation aspect is just so infinite now, ppl can create their own levels, game, concert, living picture, video clip ect.

This isn't a creation tool, it's a game with an incredible creation tool as part of it's repertoire. You will be playing a story created by Mm, playing levels/games created by other ppl, watching living art, watch/listening to a concert and so much more.

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Spotie1622d ago

It's seriously not that hard to get.

-Foxtrot1622d ago

Sooooooooo LittleBigPlanet 3D


Shame the third LittleBigPlanet game didn't go this way. I mean LittleBigPlanet 3D....missed opportunity

user99502791622d ago

Seems like a gross oversimplification to me. What they have here is much more unique.

GribbleGrunger1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

The problem with LPB was Sackboy. Once that character where associated with the franchise, everything else had to follow suit. I'm glad MM have murdered Sackboy and freed the game from his knitted paws.

Dee_911621d ago

... you kill puppies for fun huh?

joeorc1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

he is like a lil self centered overloard holding LBP just kidding i love sack boy but he does have an explosive ego...electricfied personality that expoled to bright light effect...LOL

IamTylerDurden11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Sackboy was the best thing to happen to LBP, he became a PlayStation mascot and ultimately doubled sales for the LBP franchise.

Sackboy was brilliant.

Even my 40lb orange cat "Fred" likes Sackboy, he adores the Sackboy plushy i got w/LBP 3. LBP 2 was a masterpiece btw.

_-EDMIX-_1621d ago

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe MM still has ideas for other LBP games and doesn't want Dreams to actually be that.

What if they are actually currently doing a 3D LBP?

Also agree with the 3rd LBP game not being as great as the first 2, goes to show that the creators of games really craft amazing ideas, second hand teams can't match them with mere IP alone.

LBP3 was more like LBP2.5, wasn't a bad game, but could have been leaps better, but that teams job was to just make a LBP game, not really to break the mold or anything, leave that to MM to do.

Sumo Digital did a ok job, hell they are doing a bang up job with Crackdown 3 for an IP they've never worked on (not sure just how much they are doing on C3 though, I don't think they are doing the whole thing)

Jayszen1622d ago

Regardless of how fun the game ultimately is, I suspect it will be quite unique and lovely to look at at the very least. Media Molecule has a well deserved reputation for thinking thinking out of the box and I have no doubt that 'Dream' will be another milestone.

bangoskank1622d ago

Would be cool if you could export obj files to work on them in Maya. This seems like a very easy and efficient modeling tool.

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