The PS4 Looks To Steal Xbox One's Holiday Spotlight With Another PlayStation Experience

Last year, Sony broke up the yearly cycle of E3 news domination to introduce their own new event for the PS4. They called it the “PlayStation Experience” and it was enough to dominate the gaming news cycle for a solid week or two in the holiday season, right before people were deciding which console to buy for Christmas.

After the successful event in Vegas in 2014, it may not be a surprise that the PlayStation Experience is coming back for 2015. The event is relocating to San Francisco on December 5th and 6th, and promises hands-on with many of the top titles of 2016.

Most surprising is not that the PlayStation Experience lives again. Rather, it’s that Microsoft has not followed suit with a similar event for the Xbox One.

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Relientk772663d ago

I'm excited for PlayStation Experience. I hope Sony shows a lot of great games

Rimeskeem2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I bought my tickets yesterday and am super excited now.

I really hope to play Uncharted 4 and Persona 5!

nX2663d ago

Damn I wish I wouldn't live so far away, would love to be there myself. Have fun!

CYCLEGAMER2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I said it once, and I will say it again. Sony has some of the smartest PR people in the game right now. Not only are they doing the psx in December right b4 the holidays but they are doing it in the home of one of the biggest gaming news outlets in gaming...IGN.

Microsoft is like a rich guy that can buy anything or woman they want. But Sony is like the guy who doesn't have as much money but can win over the woman's heart by telling here what she wants to hear. I admire Sony's marketing

gatormatt802663d ago

Oh man I can't wait to see another PSX!! Looking forward to hopefully seeing some UC4 multiplayer, of course more Horizon, and maybe a look at what Sucker Punch has been up to. It's truly a great time to be gamer no matter who you support...

thisgamer5032662d ago


You need therapy. You invest far too much adoration into Sony. lol Sony is like the guy winning a woman's heart. Oh brother lol

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SoapShoes2664d ago

PSX was their best show last year imo. I don't know how they can top this year's E3 though.

TheCommentator2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

They could show games that are more than just 10 year old pipe dreams still years out from release, stop begging for funding on stage to attempt to reboot a franchise, quit showing "captured footage" from a PS4 and show the actual game actually being played, and make sure that when they are played on a PS4 that they're not broken demos?

Doesn't actually sound that hard to beat Sony's E3, TBH, but it will be hard to beat MS since there's still more new announcements coming from them this year too.

generic-user-name2663d ago


Amazing how fanboys can warp reality like that. Amazing games that people were desperate for are "10 year old pipe dreams", games that wouldn't exist otherwise are "begging on stage for funding", then you complain about them not showing "actual gameplay" and broken demos DESPITE BROKEN DEMOS BEING THE ULTIMATE PROOF THAT IT IS ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!

Just wow, there's no possible rational debate you can have with delusional people like these.

OB1Biker2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Just wow. Im baffled by your hate trolling about a Playstation Experience.
I just wish for you there is an xbox experience so you can feel better living your passion maybe instead of hating others.

TheCommentator2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


I should have known I'd have to spell it out, even though what I said was clear enough the first time...

Final Fantasy - Tech demo from PS3 launch just started development.
Shenmue - Wasn't even started, so they announce they won't spport it without financial help from us. Sony wasn't willing to take the risk themselves?
Horizon - Showed a video that was captured from a PS4, not PS4 gameplay.
Uncharted 4 - One of the only real games actually played on a PS4 and it broke on stage.

"Greatness Awaits."

Truthfully, I'm the one who's being rational and you're the delusional fanboy twisting things out of proportion. That's why you resort to name calling and can't actually have a rational debate with me about it.

Edit @0b1

The article is about Xbox too. Read the title. Difference of opinion is called a debate, not trolling as you suggest. I am showing, in my opinion, how Sony won't be able to steal XB1's spotlight this holiday.

OB1Biker2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I feel even more sorry for you if you cant realize your trolling.
Just taking the last point blaming Uncharted 4 demo... okay thats really scratching the bottom of the barrel for some crap to say.
(btw it was just about controllers mixing, not anything broken I believe)

TheCommentator2663d ago

0B1, glad to see that you can pass judgement on any opinion that does not match your own. You're as bad as a Christian telling a Muslim that they are damned for their beliefs...

OT, in response to Soapshoes' E3 remark, I recapped MY impression of Sony's E3. The Uncharted demo was part of that. If a Super Bowl half-time show suffers from a "wardrobe malfunction" we don't applaud its success(unless you're a pervert), and it's not hard to do better than that either. Seeing that all you debated was Uncharted 4 though, it's apparent that you're the one scraping the barrel just to have something to counterpoint.

"Make. Believe."

Prove to us all that Horizon was realtime on a PS4, that FF7 was not just hastily put together for a quick reveal(to be released 2-3 years from now), or that Sony had any faith in Shenmue beyond seeing if they could get fans to pay for it.

whoyouwit042663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

You don't know how they can top this years E3? this is all I have to say

You really can't be serious.

That video should be the theme song for you Sony fanboys. Because that is the reaction I have to a lot of the stupid comments you people write.

Griever2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@The Commentator and whoyouwit 2004

You couple of trolls are a disgrace to gamers. Inciting angry responses through insult and ridicule is the exact definition of trolling and yet you have the nerve to claim that you are here to debate?? You cannot debate with just 3 bubbles troll!

A person who has no respect for Fumito Ueda's masterpieces, Shenmue and FF7 is not worthy of being called a gamer. Those three games are three of the most desired and respected games in the gaming industry. Furthermore, Sony is the reason that gaming is mainstream today and everyone is playing games on consoles. Microsoft and Xbox are just a copycat and Me-too that entered the console industry after Sony and copied or stole everyone of their exclusive franchises. It is the same company that brought dudebro shooters and DLC into the console industry and dumbed down gaming to the level of you morons.

Nobody gives a damn about your annual Halo, Gears and Forzas and that is what is eating you guys up. Still playing the same games after more than a decade and still happy about it; pathetic. Go play on your shooter-racer box and leave the masterpieces to us.

kenshiro1002663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Hey Commentator and who, no need to get mad at Sony because the competition is getting hammered.

Griever2662d ago


Wow! You are so tough; sending insults in a PM. Idiot. People like you need a nice beating to sort you out.

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joab7772664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Perfect timing basically. Maybe 2 wks earlier for xmas, but expect xbone to come back w their own. Gamescom was nice but its a shared spotlight.

And Sony is setting themselves up nicely this gen. Very happy. And their success and love for gamers has forced MS to get back to what made them so special last gen. Looking good. Now if we could get the other publishers to follow suit.!

showtimefolks2663d ago

really can't wait possibly

next entry into GT with a game play trailer
next god of war Atleast a tease trailer
new demo for horizon
demo for uncharted 4 and release date
a new the last guardian trailer
possibly game play demo for dreams
more info for ratchet and clank


we see something more for shenmue 3 and eally really hope we get shenmue 1 and 2 in hd remaster

more info on FF7 remake

rumors have it Sony will announce a Ps4 exclusive from R* games. could this be agent on ps4? even if it's not exclusive o hope R* announce a new game from one of their franchises. RED DEAD, BULLY, LA NOIRE, MAX PAYNE ETC,

I really hope we Atleast get to see what some of the other studios within Sony are working on. they have been so quite and playstation event is the right event to showcase some stuff

I really hope kojima signs on with Sony for mutiple games development. imagine if Sony closes it's show with this announcement

SaveFerris2663d ago

If your wishes come true it'll be like Christmas coming early in 2015.

otherZinc2663d ago

It's going to be crazy on the Internet when the XBOX ONE takes the North American Sales lead by December 31st.

The hilarity of it will be that; the XBOX ONE will take the lead without any help from the biased media.

XBOX ONE will win the North American Sales lead with:
Gears Ultimate: 5 new Stages
Forza 6: 1080p 60fps Locked 450+ Cars
Halo 5: 35 Maps, no pass needed
Tomb Raider
Fable Legends
All Multiplats of its Competitors
Backwards Compatability
Windows 10 and DirectX 12

No other console is offering this.
Good job Microsoft.

Sunny_D2663d ago

Holy shit, that sounds like a PR list that someone working at Microsoft would spew and then Pat themselves on the back haha.

OB1Biker2663d ago

I dont mind any of these... except for the supposed 'no help from the biased media' which is laughable.

pwnsause_returns2663d ago


thats all i want........

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Rookie_Monster2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Got my ticket yesterday to PSX. Gotta make sure I am able to get inside the press conference on Saturday. Hoping Santa Monica's new project, GT7 and more surprise will be announced.

Looking forward to it and getting my hands on UC4 and Horizon for the first time and also see the SFV event hosted by Capcom there as well. Should be a fun time.

DeadlyOreo2663d ago

I still genuinely don't know if this dude is serious when he writes anything positive about Sony, or is it just bubble scavenging?

2663d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box2663d ago

***"or is it just bubble scavenging?"***

That appears to be the correct one:

Scroll down a bit, show G20WLY's off topic comment and Rookie says this:

***"huh, you are right, I didn't notice I have 5 bubbles. This is great news as finally my constant praising for my PS4 is finally being recognized."***

I guess it isn't genuine as one would hope. That is very unfortunate.

showtimefolks2663d ago


wow just wow that's crazy how he is playing the system and thinks he is smart. in his words he is getting the bubbles back for praising ps4

I thought maybe I was the only one who noticed his comments over past few months but I am glad others see through his stealthy approach

MasterCornholio2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )


Holy crap.


That's just crazy. But I always suspected that especially from someone who defended AussieGamer1.

Rookie_Monster2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


Wow, really, that proves what exactly and thanks for picking and choosing what to incude and what to cut out of my post. Here is the complete post from me to reply to yet another accusation.

[ Rookie_Monster  +&am p;am p;am p;#1 60;  29d ago


"23 hours ago you had 2 bubbles, thanks to your trolling." 

Can you link to my history recently where the "supposed" trolling are that got me down from 5 to 2? All I've been posting within the past few weeks are just common gaming posts on all console front and there was even a "well said" in there from a few days ago. if praising both both XB1 and PS4 and also compalaining about no MP included in GOW3 and Uncharted HD are considered trolling, then I guess I could never be objective around here. The lost of 3 bubbles within the past 2 weeks are still a mystery to me. 

huh, you are right, I didn't notice I have 5 bubbles. This is great news as finally my constant praising for my PS4 is finally being recognized. ]

So guys, are you saying all them bubbles you guys earned from constantly praising a single console are also a fake and you don't actually love your system but is doing it because you want bubbles as well? Smh

Anyways, here is my PSX ticket registration

But hey, I only paid for the ticket because I want bubbles. Really, that is the only reason why I got the ticket within the first hour when it had gone on sale. It has nothing to do with me wanting to see what new games Sony is showing and playing games like SFV and UC4 that I had already preordered. I SWEAR. Sarcasm

Gazondaily2663d ago

Lol at the hardcore fanboys calling out others.

Rookie, enjoy the show mate. You said nothing bad in your post. Make sure to take some pics and also scribble n4g on a piece of paper and take a pic of that at the show. It might help but these lot will probably pull out the illumninati conspiracy card haha.

Are you sure Horizon will be playable?

DragonKnight2663d ago

@Rookie: You didn't magically get 3 bubbles for "praising Sony" you were just a recipient of the bubble reset that everyone with 4 bubbles or less enjoyed. Everyone sees you reciting your Microsoft Employee Handbook whenever you comment here so drop the act. That said, just because you're an obvious MS fanboy, doesn't mean you can't enjoy Playstation Experience, even if all you'd do afterwards is downplay everything shown. Hope you have a good time. Well, as much as one can have in San Francisco.

DarXyde2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I get the skepticism from you all, but perhaps Rookie_monster is simply paying a compliment of enthusiasm where it's due.

I could be wrong, but let's not be so cynical. Though I prefer PlayStation over Xbox, I have no issues with complimenting Microsoft when they do good and chastising Sony when they mess up.

It isn't like it's overblown bashing. Bubble scavenging or not, this user kept it positive, and in the end, I think that matters most. We're always seemingly looking for reasons to dislike each other. Bringing up previous concerns of character in my opinion show how easy it is for some people to hold grudges and that's all negative nonsense.

Just take it one comment at a time. Rookie_monster, if you are in fact attending PSX, I hope it's a raging good time.

Outside_ofthe_Box2663d ago


Posted what was relevant and left the link for all to see and interpret for themselves.

***"So guys, are you saying all them bubbles you guys earned from constantly praising a single console are also a fake?"***

Nope, not at all. YOU are the one that implied that the reason why you may have gotten 5 bubbles may have been a result of constant praising. Not me or anyone else.

Also I'm not questioning whether or not you have a ticket. I hope you enjoy the show. I'll being missing out because I'll be in school at the time and it'll be around finals time.


***"Lol at the hardcore fanboys calling out others."***

Kind of ironic coming from you.

And I hope you aren't talking about me lol.

Gazondaily2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

***"Lol at the hardcore fanboys calling out others."***

Kind of ironic coming from you"

I'm a hardcore fanboy am I? Lol I have more objectivity than all you haters combined.

Anyway Rookie enjoy the show! Hopefully Horizon will be playable at EGX here in the UK next month.

QuickdrawMcgraw2663d ago

Nice to see the king of the stealth trolls called out by someone else....

Outside_ofthe_Box2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


***"I'm a hardcore fanboy am I? Lol I have more objectivity than all you haters combined."***

I'm a hater? Honest question. What exactly do I "hate" on?

And I love how you brag about you're supposed 'objectivity' lol. You've always came across as someone who's proud of that. FYI no you aren't objective at all. You love to think that you're the holy grail of objectivity but you're not. Being less subjective among a site full of biased individuals doesn't say much at all.

And no I'm not saying that I'm the most objective individual either.

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showtimefolks2663d ago


I been meaning to write this for months. why do people who have no intention of buying a Ps4 or even want want come to comment on every ps4 related article.

Come on man. no one believes you. you never have anything positive about ps4 and all of the sudden you want us to believe you actually support ps4

I been on this site for last 7 plus years and I know the regulars who are salty at every playstation article

Atleast stop hiding and admit you love your Xbox one and that is totally fine. but this stealthy approach isn't gonna do you any favors on this site.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way just stop it no one believes you. all I have to do is looked at your past comment history and that's factual data

muzikjunkie802663d ago


exactly the same could be said about ps4 fans who comment constantly on almost every xbox one atricle and downplay every positive news the xbox one gets so your post is a bit hypocritical.

showtimefolks2663d ago

I am in no way defending trolls on either side, I know those who comment on Xbox one comments to downplay or troll yet have one or 2 bubbles

but I can give you 10 names on n4g who have a history of bashing ps4, they go down few bubbles Tha magically regain more

I would love to know how trolls or better yet known trolls get their bubbles back

2663d ago
nowitzki20042663d ago

Great, cant wait for you to come to the event, I am the guy that will show off Horizon gameplay. See you there.

RocketScienceLvlStuf2663d ago

You also challenged me once to show you where you had been trolling. I selected just a few of your comments below.

You conveniently didn't reply back to me. Here they are again.

Yes. You are an anti Sony troll.

"The Order AAA. HAHAHA. Now, that is funny! #8.2.1"

"The PS fanboys are out of control"

"1/2 the comments here are pertaining to port begging for PS4. Titanfall anyone? Can't wait to play this masterpiece in the Fall, exclusively on XBox. #19"

"Sony fans are like that. They cheers and speak the loudest over anything that they think is an advantage over the competition, regardless of how it actually turns out."

"Wait a minute? Isn't PS the one without local BC when it is the most requested feature on PS4? "

Isn't Sony the one getting most of the timed exclusives this gen?

ISN'T it Sony the one that talk about Powers at their conference for like 20 minutes?

Isn't Sony the one nickel and diming gamers to play old games via rental pricing.

Isn't Sony the one releasing most of their games and remakes without MP while expecting gamers to pay $50 a year for it now?

SO tell me again, who is the one that actually lost their identity?"

nowitzki20042663d ago

Hes a troll, its not rocket science.

Rookie_Monster2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Wow, so out of 1531 posts I had made, these are the most and best examples you can find? which are like 4 months old btw. It has nothing of relavence about me talking or getting excited about this article. You guys are pulling everything out of the kitchen sink for whatever reason when I said I actually like something Sony is doing due to holding bad grudges over a few negative things I had said in the past. Ayaya

I wonder what is your ratio when I go through your history? Keep digging my friend.

Anyways, forgot this is only a forum so who care what you guys think as I'll be enjoying my time at PSX. I'll make sure to post pictures and express my opinion after PSX in post PSX articles. Happy gaming friends. Rookie out.

@Haru and remixx16,

Why would I have to do any of that when I already have my ticket aND picking up a badge will do. LoL

Maybe I can host a PS party at my crib the day before PSX start so we can talk more PS and play PS games on my PS4. Save you guys lodging cost in the City. How about that for being a good host for my fellow N4Gers. :)

showtimefolks2663d ago


he is a troll man all you have to do is read his daily comments. I don't have a problem with him loving Xbox one, it's his time and money. but Tha he will say negative stuff about ps4 day after day. I have seen him go down in bubbles and than magically regain them

septic come on man the amount that of bubbles you have and all you do is troll and you actually hate on playstation brand more than anyone else

I am starting to wonder if you are septic and rookie since your are going out of your way to defend him. are you also auusiegamer? I been on this site for a very long time so I know the trolls over the years

names change the comments stay the same.

Haru2663d ago Show
remixx1162663d ago

@rook......bro I'll give you half a blueberry pop-tart to sneak me into psx in a duffle bag, I swear half a blueberry.

nowitzki20042663d ago

I don't believe it, You would not do that.

GrubsterBeater2663d ago


You, and you alone, are the one who made yourself the Aussiegamer of N4G. Looking at your comment history, it is evident why.

NeverHeavyMan2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@ Outside_ofthe_box: Well said, man! One of those posters with lots of bubbles and far too much ego.

OT: It will be an interesting next few months with these shows! I'm expecting a few surprises, but more game-play on Horizon and Uncharted 4 will be plenty!

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AutoCad2663d ago

I hope they show some games for 2016 and not just placeholders..Really praying for a Socom Remaster,man i miss that game

2663d ago Replies(1)
Outside_ofthe_Box2663d ago

Aren't you against remasters?

AutoCad2663d ago

Not ones that built from the ground up..Im against remasters that are just updated with a 1080p and 60fps stamp and portions of the game removed.

NeverHeavyMan2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

You do realize that remastered games aren't "built from the ground up", yeah? Building one of these titles from scratch would it a remake (ex. GameCube - Resident Evil: REmake). A remaster is exactly that, taking a completed project and "remastering" its visuals, sound, or both, with the introduction of better/more capable hardware. This can include, but isn't limited to, making some artistic changes and using the extra power of a newer machine to up the frame-rate (ala Gears of War: Ultimate and The Nathan Drake Collection).

This originally began with sound/songs/music, where it would be remastered from an earlier source to create a more pleasing track. Quite a few people make this error when discussing these things.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Square said the next time they talk about the FFVII Remake is this winter so hopefully they show us something and talk more about it at PSX this year. So excited for this.

Spectre_StatusN72663d ago

Sony announcing Agent from Rockstar North...heard it here first folks!

nucky642663d ago

as much as I want it - I think, at this point, that idea is too good to be true.