Mario's 18 Greatest: Ranking the Mario Platformers

Den of Geek ranks Mario's greatest platformers of all-time! Which game has climbed to the top?

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InTheZoneAC1617d ago

SMB3 was easily the best one. What I don't like about the new mario games is how heavy and slippery Mario feels.

I would have SMB3 at 1, Super Mario World at 2, SMB at 3.

And I've always felt Mario 64 was always overrated, just seemed bland compared to older and new mario's.

Pookandpie1617d ago

List is pretty close to my own personal favorites. Mario World is the one I liked the most (used to play it with my grandpa all the time before he passed), and 3D World was good enough to be in my own favorite top 5 Mario games ever, though I would've put Sunshine much further down the list and swapped Galaxy 2 into Galaxy's spot (I found 2 to have much better level design despite not having that, "Fresh clean scent" of a new Mario game Galaxy 1 had).

Sunshine was a perfectly reasonable game... until you tried to 100% it. There are few people I've ever spoken to who had decent opinions of that game after fully completing it because blue coins are ridiculous to find without a guide (I actually quite enjoyed Sunshine, but I will admit that I used a guide to find blue coins because doing so without would have caused me to pull out my 'fro).