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Onimusha Tactics was originally released 12 years ago, in 2003, for the Game Boy Advance. Developed and produced by Capcom, the same company that made the Onimusha series on the PS2, Tactics's gameplay and individual story deviates from the originals but retains a similar plot (involving the Onimusha and battling against the Genma, controlled by the evil Nobunaga). Unlike the other games, Onimusha Tactics is a tactical RPG, and plays more like Final Fantasy Tactics (though a stripped down version).

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Relientk771620d ago

This looks like Tactics Ogre and I like it

ZeekQuattro1619d ago

Its just like that game more or less. Maybe a little simplified. Its still good however.

3-4-51619d ago

I wish there were more tactics games made. A ton of fun to play.

KryptoniteTail1619d ago

This is the only Onimusha game I played and one if the best TRPGs ever made, glad I played it.

rebeljoe141619d ago

God dang it had my hopes up when I saw Onimusha, and them....Tactics

xander707691619d ago

They are releasing this for wii u but not 3DS? If that's true, ffs Nintendo. I love my 3DS but the treatment it gets from Nintendo is ridiculous at times. I don't ever plan to buy the Wii U, but there sure are a lot of games I would pay for if they would just release them on 3DS, namely games like this and games from the ambassador program etc, games that could easily be on the 3DS.

_-EDMIX-_1619d ago

Could not agree more. Its why I'm hoping NX is a hybrid that is just a handheld that can out to the tv as that sorta solves many issues with their development, not more handheld only or console its just on handheld and you could out to TV ala the PSP 3000 if you felt just.

If they can't do duel development, buy more teams. Its sad because they are not strangers to duel development on handheld and console.

But with this case its not really their issue as much as its Capcoms.

Pillsbury11619d ago

I never knew this game existed and I love srpg's. My all time favorite is front mission 3.

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