Rare on Replay: as gamers we lose the past too easily


"There's nothing quite like dusting off an old console, struggling to work out if it'll actually work with your considerably newer TV and finally letting all those memories and over-sized polygons wash over like a retro rain. Sadly, with modern machines being the powerhouses that they are, dialing back the hardware clock is fast becoming a lost pastime."

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Fro_xoxo1792d ago

some of us can't let go.. There are certain games that still haunt me that I've got to revisit. Thank MS for Backward Compatibility.. :D

ChronoJoe1792d ago

I would say, most of the rare replay collection is better off kept as a memory. Only Banjo Kazooie (1&2), Conker, Nuts and Bolts, Kameo and Viva Pinyata are really worth the replay, on the replay collection.

The ZX spectrum games are relics, and do not hold up today in respect to their design, or controls. They are pieces of history that have been far outclassed by their modern day counterparts. Meanwhile, games like Perfect Dark Zero, were never good games to begin with and titles like the original Perfect Dark, and Jet Force Gemmini are very simplistic in comparison to modern day shooters, while at the same time crippled by counter-intuitive control schemes that don't map nicely to the XBOX ONE controller.

Overall the bundle is decent, but it's not quite as amazing as some make out. It's very unlikely that most consumers will get much entertainment out of the majority of titles on the rare replay collection.