FIFA 16 – Predictions On The Potential Top Young Player Ratings

IM PLAYIN discuss the potential top young players in FIFA 16's career mode.

"If there’s one thing that gets me excited for a new instalment of FIFA, it’ll be the Career mode. Every year I’ll do the same thing, manage a League 1/2 team and take them to the Premiership – where fame and glory awaits. It never gets old, well, for me anyway. If you’re inclined to do the same thing, you’ll probably know that the key to the success of any League 1/2 manager with Premiership dreams is young players. Every year I’ll look around for the hot new talent, who won’t break the bank, to join my team and take us to the height of the English game. So, just to keep my excitement for the new game going, I thought I’d scout out some young talent that might help me fulfil my dreams in FIFA 16."

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