Is Star Citizen worth playing?

Setting aside the persistent charges of feature creep and the question of whether or not Chris Roberts has gotten himself trapped in a Tholian Web of ever-tightening stretch goals, we concentrate instead on what really matters - what Star Citizen is like to play in its current form. After all, in spite of a protracted development that has recently attracted a series of attacks from perennial industry bittervet Derek Smart, a significant portion of the mega-crowdfunded space game has been available to play for more than a year now.

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ArchangelMike1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Surely we would be better to wait for the game to be finished before we draw any conclusions. In it's current form it is still a work in progress, and so any conclusions reached would be inaccurate, and not indicative of the finished product.

Yes the game is taking along time, and yes the vision for it is huge and it's anybody's guess if they will actually achieve it in the end. But we still hav to withold judgemt until the finished product is in our hard drives... assuming ofcourse that we will have PC's able to run the game when it eventually released.

Lamboomington1612d ago

Just wait for the whole thing to come out. Yes, it's probably going to take till 2017 or something. That's not long. 5 years is like, the minimum for the development of a AAA mmo.