Is it time for the Dark Souls universe to burn itself out?


"When it comes to sequels to games as heady with variables, as dense with buried import as Dark Souls, there’s a tendency to not see the wood for the trees - and anybody who has explored Darkroot Garden will know how dangerous a mistake that can be. So far, discussion of Dark Souls 3 has turned on a couple of topics: how it expands and adjusts the franchise’s legendary combat, and how the mundane details of the plot fit into the existing world. Is that Drangleic Castle in the background during the announcement trailer, or Anor Londo? What exactly does the new weapon stance system bring to PvP, and what are the implications of a shortbow that can be quick-fired in a brawl? "

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1621d ago

What? After 3 games? That never fully explored it's vast lore?

MSBAUSTX1621d ago

Why!? We are still playing Final Fantasy games and im sorry but I have enjoyed the Dark Souls series a lot more th anda the least three FF games.

TripC501621d ago

I'd like to see the dark souls concept. The difficulty and bosses... but give me a story with characters and a colorful world. Have the dark souls gameplay but change the setting.

Genova841620d ago

You mean Demons' Souls? :-)

Perjoss1621d ago

3 games, if you count Demon's Souls spread over 6 years seems about right. 2 years between major releases is about right, yearly franchises is where the problems are at, 1 year to create a big budget title isn't even enough time unless you recycle assets in 1 form or another.

1621d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.