Everyone’s getting splatted in Splatoon Rainmaker battles

Michibiku's Jenni Lada writes, "It was a bloodbath. Rather, it was an inkbath. I went into the Splatoon Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode expecting the best. Instead, my earliest experiences were the worst."

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tinparron1618d ago

Lol I quit playing after my tenth Rainmaker loss. It's so frustrating, cause even after deciding to be more strategic, I wasn't contributing at all and we lost anyways. Just decided to wait for the mode to rotate out to something else :/

Concertoine1617d ago

I dont know how but i consistently get lumped with bad players. I can get 14 kills on splat zones and still fail due to my team. And i dont sit back, i use the N-zap or pro and play aggressive, flank etc.

You really have to develop a play style that doesnt rely on your team to win.

I would play with my n4g buds but they're never on.

tinparron1617d ago

I agree. I just got better in the last few days of playing, but I used to not do all of those things, so I'm guilty of being the cause of losing. But I managed to get way better at Splat Zones by not being dumb and just getting killed all the time.

However, once I did get better, Rainmaker came out and I have yet to figure out a good strategy for this. I need more practice, but losing is too costly. Have you played this mode yet?

Concertoine1617d ago

I haven't. I just got good at tower control, always been decent at splat zones. Sometimes you can have a good team, they're just all good at the same role. I find the best thing to do is figure out what they aren't doing and be that role.

I'll play it next time it comes up.

Munnkyman1617d ago

I've been having so much fun playing this mode but man some don't know what to do when they have the rain maker