GTA V OpenCamera plugin dramatically enhances video creation


"Do you use the Rockstar Editor to make Grand Theft Auto 5-powered videos, or perhaps just to poke around behind the scenes? Then you might want to take a look at the openCamera plugin for GTAV, which our resident modding expert says is "a pretty cool thing" for aspirant digital filmmakers."

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scark921620d ago

Didn't Rockstar say that the consoles are going to get a type of Video Editor, but not the same one as PC?

ab5olut10n1620d ago

Yeah, no word on when though :(

nowitzki20041620d ago

Will have to try it out.. This is what I wanted from the video creation.

SunnyZ1620d ago

Watch out, don't get banned, Rockstar love banning people for using mods =D

nowitzki20041620d ago

If you play online... Mods are much better than GTA online.. Ill take the mods.