More Than 200 Psychology Scholars Speak Out Against APA Video Game Aggression Task Force


"Yesterday, we reported on a new American Psychological Association (APA) task force report that affirms a link between video games and aggression. Today, we were contacted by one of over 200 academics who issued a statement in 2013 regarding the APA task force and its methodology."

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Sureshot1619d ago

Step 1 create task force
Step 2 anger gamers because of the creation of said task force
Step 3 blame anger of gamers on video games

Dirtnapstor1618d ago

Didn't link to the article yet but I'd say sports provide more aggressive invites and tendencies than gaming ever has...but we can't count that because sports are such an integral part of our functioning society right?

dcbronco1618d ago

I'd say the thing that causes the most violence in a society is the social norms of it. Compare the US and Europe or Asia. While I personally love guns, too many Americans who end up with one aren't qualified to carry one. But even when you take the guns away, we are a overly aggressive society and violent society. And if they want to point fingers I would suggest looking at a society based on deception. Going on and on about the American dream but making laws that clearly guarantee the continuation of the status quo with special side deals for the rich and powerful. It is extremely rare for someone to overcome the obstacles in a way that fundamentally changes the way our society works.

Go even deeper than that and you have to look at the most destructive force on earth. The male ego. Drop that down from caveman mode where strength equals survival and bring it up to date with a civilized society and you would see most aggression subside.

So let's drink to our the days come and gone. For the Age of Aggression is just about done.

Dirtnapstor1618d ago

dcbronco...pretty much agree. The idea of personal responsibility has been systematically removed and society continues to strive in that direction. Like you said, look at the laws created. And then there's Social Justice. What a crock! Generally speaking, I think we (as a society) will have to lose it all in order to regain what could be deemed as normal, responsible, self-governing behaviors.

I still love my FPS!

syotos771619d ago

If anything video games made me more well rounded. Thanks to world of warcraft I can type over 70 words per minute and have better personal skills lol. I can't think of one person who has been affected negatively by video games.

Dasteru1618d ago

For me personally, video games are an outlet for anger. I get pissed off at something, i just go fack shit up in GTA to calm down. All of my friends are the same.

Most people who turn violent from playing video games already have pre existing mental issues like Schizophrenia.

nowitzki20041618d ago

These people think we play the game to hurt and kill people.... There is stories there and heroes that do good, I play Witcher and I have trouble picking the bad dialogue, let the poor keep their money, like that one guy who took that kid in, hired Geralt to hunt down the monster and I let him keep the money afterwards because he took the boy in... but lets just focus on the killing part. I am sure some of these murderers watch shows like Walking Dead.. Lets blame movies and shows too if we will blame games.

MasterCheifGrewT1ts1618d ago

Yeah, Dang that Rambo film I seen the other night. It makes me want to wear cheap lookin bandanas and evade law enforcement.:(

level 3601618d ago

So many factors involved that can cause aggression - society as a whole, dysfunctional family, bad neighbourhood, being with the wrong type of friend/s and crowd.. so many to mention.

And for gaming as a public health concern, depends again on how an individual or a family dictates their lifestyle or no-life-style.

So don't put it all on games., it's a weak evidence ( as written in the article )

Somebody1618d ago

A couple of years ago I was playing Max Payne 3 while baby sitting my baby nephew. He enjoyed seeing the action in game and after I'm done playing he was re-enacted some of them in the living room. He was jumping around like Max Payne with his toy gun, hiding behind pillars and even lying prone on the floor while shooting(a set of new "skills" he acquired from the game). It was cute but I was a bit concerned.

Fast forward to last week I was baby sitting him again but this time I'm showing him The Witcher 3. I trolled him by trying to attack some of the children NPCs in the game and then some rabbits. My nephew enjoyed seeing me slaying monsters and bandits but he got angry seeing me as a threat on those kids and the slaughter of livestock. He actually left my room angrily, calling me being a bad person and "slammed" on the door.

So much for video game violence.

dcbronco1618d ago

The APA is just looking for money in the coming election season. They know video games are a easy hot button issue to get funding from conservatives so they never have to actually get real jobs. It's going to be a tough election and a Republican loss means another 8 years of Democratic rule. The remaining conservative heads would explode. For laymen.

The reality is the people in power know there's really just one party that keeps the average person confused and fighting while they enrich themselves and their friends. Kinda of like the console wars except the companies involved don't even have to bring the crazy. It creates itself for the most part.

wraith49121618d ago

Yeah good luck getting rid of the democrats tho.

dcbronco1618d ago

True. If the American public would wake up to how controlled and corrupt our system has become we could get rid of both.