More news on Konami being run like an Orwellian state

More reports on Konami running its company like an Orwellian state has surfaced, from Internal Audit Office to monitor employees' internal communications to telling employers of ex-Konami staff on their supposed poor conduct.

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yewles11618d ago

"If an employee is taking too much breaks, the Internal Audit Office will even contact the employers of ex-Konami staff to tell on their behaviour."

They ruin you even after you've left the company? WHAT???

MegaRay1617d ago

And then they delete your name from anything you ever did....

Perjoss1617d ago

They can't stop us!

First thing I do when I get my MGSV is I'm sticking a small piece of paper with 'a Hideo Kojima game' on it in between the jewel case and the sleeve.

indyman77771617d ago

The best thing to do is help the employees by NOT BUYING the game and posting and making youtube videos about it. Wonder if Angry JOE has toasted them on this one.

Gwiz1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

That's not just Konami though,make sure you never leave a company with personal conflicts.Taking too much breaks is a bit extreme though.their management division is crazy.

ZaWarudo1617d ago

What a piece of shit company.

Ashunderfire861617d ago

One of the worst companies in the world!

CEO and Management of Konami You have failed this City!

Summons751617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Oh my, and people are mad at Nintendo for some idiot who actually deserved to be fired....

Any way, I know Kojima is too professional to say anything (which I respect) but I really hope some ex-Kojipro employee comes out and gives us the full story if not Kojima himself.

Edit: Better yet, and even more unlikely than Kojima talking about what happened, but what if he hid a cassette tape in MGSV in one of the later levels that's 15 minutes of him telling the story. That'd be be best and last troll move he would do under Konami.

vickers5001617d ago

That guy at Nintendo didn't deserve to be fired. Punished maybe, but not fired. The guy didnt even really say anything bad about the company.

Konami is worse obviously, but Nintendo is still a shitty company as well.

Summons751617d ago

He was Sh** talking his bosses and the decisions they made and he didn't agree with as well as insult fans, plus reports say he didn't have permission to go on the podcast and talk about his work so he broke company policy. I don't know about you but any company would fire someone for breaking policy. NIntendo was in the right and I would have done the same.

Baka-akaB1617d ago

Remember that guy from Microsoft fired after the backlash from his tweets about the original plans for the Xbox One and it's perpetual online state ?

He was a jerk , but still pretty much was telling the truth about his company's intent , and was fired for even less than the Nintengo guy here .

I don't remember anyone disagreeing that he didnt deserve it

vickers5001617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

From a legal/business perspective they were in the right. Morally though, they're bankrupt. I'm not an idealist, I know we don't live in a perfect world, but to take away someone's livelihood just because he accidentally explained how localization works and responded to annoying fans always bitching about Nintendo for niche titles that like all of 3 people want in a slightly less than nice tone isn't right, and given Nintendos desperate attempt at trying maintain a "family friendly" reputation (ironically destroying/ruining a family based on the guys facebook post), I would have expected better of Nintendo, I'd expect them to be better than your average greedy p.o.s. company, but they're not, they're clearly faking that image, and they're clearly not the great company that people make them out to be.

I didn't listen to the whole podcast though, just read a few quotes. What did he say about his bosses? If he outright insulted them maybe I can understand, but if he said something like "so and so can be difficult to work with" then that's not really shit talking. Unless you're oversensitive, and judging by the fact that you think what he said about localization complainers qualifies as an insult, that's strong possibility.

Baka-akaB1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

It's not that i have a high opinion of current Nintendo .... but seems to me , as calleous as i sound , that the proper punishment from breaking those rules that were part of his job , were precisely termination of said job contract . There is a reason companies like this got PR departments .

Don't kid yourself , if it wasnt , he'd be suing them already . Hell he still might attempt to . But sounds like he recognizes his own mistake here .

Someone made a comment yesterday , that i quite agree with . Somehow because we are dealing with videogames , some sort of double standards where we are all supposed to lament a job loss , when for too many people that thought wouldnt compute in their mind , if it was about some factory and anything not tied to games and entertainement . And i'm not sure why that mindset is stuck there .

Of course there are those truly feeling sorry for such loss in all cases , but it's hardly universal . We got some of the same people hating hard on other companies , and wouldnt blink an eye , if they were to shut down , since they no longer feel sentimal attachment to the games they releases . Like often EA ... and now Konami

vickers5001617d ago

"Somehow because we are dealing with videogames , some sort of double standards where we are all supposed to lament a job loss , when for too many people that thought wouldnt compute in their mind , if it was about some factory and anything not tied to games"

I don't think it's a double standard, I think most gamers probably just don't pay much attention to that stuff in real life because they're not really exposed to it, or at least not in a way that people feel connected to, and the fact that it was gaming related simply brought an issue to their attention that hadn't been there before. Reading that guys facebook post, I truly do feel sorry for the guy. Think about what they could have done INSTEAD.

They could have cut his pay, suspended him, given him a strict warning. They could have evem waited to fire him so that he doesn't become the unhireable guy who (in an employers mind) bad mouths the people he works for. Being fired was bad enough, but now his reputation is ruined, and he will be forever be known as the guy that Nintendo fired, probably won't be hired anywhere, all because of one TINY mistake.

Baka-akaB1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Except they most likely dont see it as a tiny mistake . You don't sign multiple pages of NDA's and policies in case of "tiny mistakes" . The NDA is drilled into your head , constantly ... not just signed as a prerequisite for hiring that you soon forget . Also It was a podcast probably done at behest of Nintendo. Not a personal face book rant.

First of all, he pushed Nintendo's problem of not investing in localisations on to the customer. He basically said it was the customer's fault that the fanbase was not big enough to warrant the investment. As voice for Nintendo and by making those comments he's basically saying "you guys - our customers - aren't worth it". Second, he pointed out how small the fanbase was, which in itself can be seen as a negative against Nintendo again.

Call me a robot or ice cold , but imo you guys are too eager to make what he did seems light and worth only a slap . How do we know this wasn't the last straw in a chain of internal issues and events with him ? How are they are supposed to work with him if he's publicly disregarding their rules on the matter , how much inspiration and leeway could it give to potentially more damageing similar breaches ?

Finally , if Adam Orth , said former MS jerk from earlier , universally hated unlike the case at hand , managed to find work in the field and creating games , he's got his chances .

Any big US gaming company will fire you for the same thing. If fact they already did again for less , as well as for worse . Select few posters are just glad it's more ammo on trash Nintendo here , as seen with the Cliffy B soundoff from yesterday

vickers5001616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Well I'm done arguing, it just boils down to personal opinion/beliefs. Nintendo has lost all my respect. The difference between other major US companies? They never had it in the first place. Go ahead and try to label those who disagree with what Nintendo did hypocrites all you want, it doesn't make it true. Besides, if you want to get technical, literally every person is hypocritocal about SOMETHING. People just choose what they care or pay attention about, and I don't even need to know you as a person to say the same of you. Thing is, most don't realize they are, or lie about it. I am about some things. It's just the way humans are, every one has double standards. My point is, I don't think you, or anyone for that matter should try and claim bias or hypocricy or double standards, as everyone is guilty of it.

About it being a mistake, I would think there's a large percentage of people who just skim that section and just go straight on to sign it without thinking about every little detail about it, and since you're doing all these "who knows", I'll throw my own in. Who knows, maybe they didn't hammer it in as you say? Maybe the boss just didn't like the guy personally and was just waiting for a legitimate reason to fire him, no matter how small that reason might have been? Maybe that reason is because he was racist and wanted him gone? Lets not play the "who knows" game though.

And it is my personal belief that the people responsible for firing Mr Pranger are scumbag(s), like everyone else. You can choose to be like everybody else, or you can take the high road. Nintendo chose to remain like everyone else. And for that, the respect I once had for the company is gone.

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ShinMaster1617d ago

I think you're just mad about what the ex-Nintendo employee said...

Summons751617d ago

Not really, if that was his opinion of working there then it is what it is. Just like the two weeks I worked at McDonalds were the worst 2 weeks of my life that it almost pushed me back into depression (which at the time I had just fought for 3 years), I didn't like the feeling, the abusive environment (because fun fact, even though it's the law they refuse to keep employees hydrated so I almost passed out from over-heating and dehydration and they just yelled at me), and the co-workers and managers were the most disgusting creatures to walk the I quit without saying a word but that doesn't mean everyone people get mad over my experience. The guy was unprofessional and talked about things he shouldn't have and insulted his cowrokers and bosses as well as fans of Nintendo. He should have been fired....he could probably get a job at Ninja Theory though, they are perfectly okay with publicly insulting other developers and insulting gamers.

INTOmyMOUTH1617d ago

Wow. Sounds like the workplace is keeping tabs on its employees and what they're doing. Shocker.

TricksterArrow1617d ago

If you think that's normal I feel for you. You must have horrible work conditions (or are terrible boss).

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