Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Senior Producer Shares New Exciting Gameplay Details

PlayStation Access has released new video for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in which PlayStation Access’s Hollie Bennett chats with Mirrors Edge Catalyst Senior Producer Sarah Jansson to discuss the new open world game .

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Aceman181617d ago

Man I can't wait for this game. I loved the original one to death

Ashunderfire861617d ago

Same here man I got a chance to play this at E3! It was the last game I played, and man it was worth it! I went through a 10 minute presentation with the developers explaining the story and the basic of the game. Then I played training sessions like Time Trials, fighting enemies, and going through obstacle courses. Its really open as she said.

UNKLE1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

original one looked better I mean the gameplay this is ugly.. physics, faith moves is too unreal comparing the old one.

Pandamobile1617d ago

Catalyst looks fast and fluid, which is exactly what I wanted from the original Mirror's Edge. Faith is way to slow and clunky in the original.

NerveGearneeded1616d ago

gameplay looks fantastic and it looks like a real city now. lets just hope the story is engaging and worthwhile.