Boobs, Vampires, and Blood, Oh My – Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Review | BagoGames

Ben from BagoGames writes: Onechanabra is a much-loved series in Japan that has seen nearly a dozen releases with only a few ever making it stateside. Onechanbara apparently translates — roughly — to “Young Adult Woman Sword Fighting.” Combine that right there with the fact that this game couldn’t be more Japanese even if it tried and you’ve already got a good sense of what’s happening here. Onechanabra Z2 : Chaos is the insanely bright and loud fantasy of a Japanese business man who is into vampires and stayed up all night playing Dynasty Warriors. Yeah. You might get the impression that this game is hot trash from that little diatribe. While it’s not a masterpiece, I’m sure that I’m not the only newcomer to this series who ended up liking it a bit more than they expected.

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