The Taken King Fixes Destiny's Three Biggest Problems


Despite Destiny's popularity, it remains a very polarizing game. For every enthusiastic fan, there seems to be another player who quit in disgust. I understand the hate, because I used to be one of the haters. However, sometimes games deserve a second chance, and The Taken King looks to be the perfect time to give Destiny another shot.

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gamer91794d ago

Biggest problem is amount of content. TTK doesn't fix this. There should be a couple more full size planets to explore and many more strikes. 3 strikes not enough.

pompombrum1794d ago

And no real "new" enemies, just reskinned versions of existing ones AGAIN.. and for nearly full retail price for it too.

IamTylerDurden11794d ago

The enemies have new abilities and attack patterns. They have different physical structures as well, so not reskinned.

How is $39.99 nearly full retail price ($60)? That's closer to half than full.

As long as they improve the story like they've promised, i'm happy. The dreadnought looks awesome, Oryx is awesome, and the new weapons and class abilities are awesome.

The Warlock flying while shooting lightning from his hands ala Cole McGrath, awesome. Flaming hammers are cool too.

pompombrum1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

It's £40 in the UK, full priced retail games cost £50 so that's nearly full retail price. To that into perspective, The Witcher 3 is cheaper to buy in some places than TTK.

Perjoss1794d ago

In the UK amazon has it for £43 but that includes the original game, both of the expansion packs and also the taken king. is it really £40 just for the taken king? I've not checked PSN or MS marketplace yet.

They need to be very careful how much content they give people for £40 because if they keep screwing fans over, Destiny will not even last 2 or 3 years forget about their wishful thinking 10 years.

Imo both of the smaller expansions should have come with a new planet each and new enemies, not necessarily new races but at least new character models within each race.

The dreadnought needs to be damn huge if its the only new open area, the size of 2 of the current planets.

freshslicepizza1794d ago

sadly it took more money from dlc to fix issues that should have been rectified from the beginning.

Halo2ODST21794d ago

TylerDurden - TTK is full retail price ... in the UK, games here are £40, TTK is £40, so get yo self educated before you talk crap!

darren_poolies1793d ago

@aBreeze yeah but that incudes the base game and the two bits of DLC which I think is a pretty good deal (if you don't own the xpansions already). If you do then it's a bit of a rip.

Cra2yey31794d ago

$40 is closer to half then full $60? In school i was taught that 30 is half of 60.

lordkripto1794d ago

40 is closer to 30 than 60.. I was taught that in school as well

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Bolts1794d ago

This shit game doesn't need anymore DLCs. It needs an expansion. But in Destiny's world an expansion size content that is typical of most MMOs will probably rape their all too willing fans for $120.

JWiLL5521793d ago

This IS an expansion.

It's completely changing the way weapons/armor work in the game world.

Twitch streamers who had the chance to play it said it feels like an entirely different game. In a good way.

The new PVP maps have a distinctly Halo vibe, which is awesome.

Jaces1794d ago

My one major problem is that all my friends have stopped playing. Destiny is about community and it's hard to enjoy yourself when you're constantly searching lfg for people to play with.

I'm honestly surprised they haven't implemented matchmaking for raids, nightfalls, PoE, etc...

That and if I'm paying $40 I expect a new planet or two alongside what they've already announced. One big open area isn't enough.

I'll probably end up buying the dlc at a later point in time, but not for full price.

Sevir1794d ago

Destiny is the easiest game to play with people. Perhaps your issue is your friends aren't as passionate as you are.

LeoDDestroyer1794d ago

There will never be enough content in games for people to be satisfied. Wildstar (an mmo) launch with plenty of content and people still complained that there wasn't enough to do. People will blow through any content especially considering how we play 24/7 now.

darren_poolies1793d ago

Spot on. I remember when it first came out and one of my friend at uni bought it, he blew though all the content in 2 weeks pretty much playing 9-8 every day and then complained that he was done with because there was nothing to do.

I mean it was a bit light at launch but it kept me playing for a few months because I wasn't on it constantly.

joab7771794d ago

I have to disagree. There's more content in Destiny than any Halo game, or any CoD game. Yeah, I quit too awhile ago, but my reasoning is b/c in their attempt to not be an mmo, they ended up creating some convoluted mess.

Do I think it launched too early? Oh yeah. But I honetly think that the taken king will be the reset it needs. Reorganizing the original game, adding an entire new area, fixing the leveling system, adding another raid and dungeons, reworking the existing ones, adding backstory and missions to the factions, many maps and modes to PvP, tons of new gear and loot that isn't tied to light level. There's alot here to love.

And it gives Destiny a great foundation to move forward. Ppl will gladly pay $45 for 9 CoD maps, but $40 is too much for strikes, raids, an entire new area and missions, mp maps and modes, and gear and loot. I dunno.

JWiLL5521793d ago

You're not wrong. The collector's edition pricing was dumb, not having an option for people who already owned it. They screwed up there.

Just the regular digital edition though? I'll gladly pay $40 for it (39.99 in Canada is $31 USD, I got a good deal).

The only people with legitimate complaints are in the UK and Australia.

GameSpawn1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Most of the people who post about Destiny here are trolls. Destiny does have tons of content, more than I can finish each week. They just don't understand the flow of a game like this. Destiny's true grit resides in the weekly resets and challenging yourself through all that content before it changes again (PoE and weekly Strikes) or you loose a chance as locking in your rewards for the week (all endgame content).

If you cannot see the "fun" in approaching strike and raids from different angles and with different modifiers or even setting up challenges for yourself such as soloing a raid (or part of a raid), then Destiny is NOT your game.

Also, not all content is PvE centric. The Trials of Osiris has brought the PvP that PvP players really wanted in Destiny. Cheaters aside (which has been remedied for the most part) Trials has gotten lots of praise from the Destiny community.

Also, I'd like to mention how damn much this game has changed since DAY 1. The Destiny of now doesn't hold one iota of resemblance to what launched a year ago. Bungie was not kidding when they said this was going to be a "living" game. They are constantly taking input from the community (the one that counts, not the idiots here that obviously don't care) to improve the game almost on a monthly basis - this is something that can only be said of a VERY few number of games (especially on consoles).

gamer91791d ago

I was comparing Destiny to any other MMO where you are expected to grind to get all the gear. I don’t know why you are comparing static AI enemies of destiny against Halo/Cod where every match is different? 2 completely different genres.

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zen_hydra1794d ago

If the "fixes" are behind a pay wall, then they don't fix anything for me. I need to be convinced of a reason to spend more money on Destiny, and so far I haven't been.

IamTylerDurden11794d ago

$39.99 gives u everything but the LE bonuses, no pay wall.

I'm very excited about the inclusion of Nolan North.

Halo2ODST21794d ago

Don't forget it's full retail price... also - TTK does not fix - Lacking story in-game & I doubt the TTK will have a decent story, because they said TDB had a story, they lied.
TDB & HoW still had Horde mode/Wave defense story missions?? like the campaign did, that is a damn well lazy way to do a campaign, it removes all replay-ability, and is repetitive as fuck, if i want to play horde mode i could easily play prison of elders,
... Fanboys

joab7771794d ago

I think the best thing anyone can do is wait. I honestly believe that this expansion will be their saving grace. Is it too late? Who knows. Bit I do think that once ppl read the reviews and hear about it from others, that many will jump back in to give ot a chance.

I think the best thing Bu gie could do, b/c of the early problems, is give a free weekend of playing the new everyone back over.

eferreira1794d ago

Took a break from this game and just played a couple raids again and some missions. Was fun. Can't wait for the taken king.

T2X1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Wish they would just allow matchmaking for everything. WTF. ALso, I shelled out the original $100 for the collectors edition. Do I have to pay for this expansion as well? Or is it included in what I paid for? Just wondering.

Brix901794d ago

Yes. The expansion only covered two DLC's The Dark Below and House of Wolves as said when you first bought it. You have to buy The Taken King since its a whole new expansion. I know it sucks but I just started playing again and I'm excited for it.

T2X1793d ago

Cool. Maybe I'll get back in too. I haven't deleted it. I actually enjoyed it very much, but I got stuck and couldn't level up anymore and kinda ran out of personal time. But, Matchmaking would really be excellent.

Sevir1794d ago

The pricing of the UK and Eu market is disheartening for just the standard version. But I don't believe bungie is the one who sets these prices as Activision is the one calling pricing as they are the publisher. Bungie has tried to do right by the fans but I honestly believe Activision is twisting arms, however, the VAT is a big culprit here as well with this. And will I don't agree with the £40 pricing VAT is a factor in Activision's pricing or most any other game pricing in the UK

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