PES 16 vs. FIFA 16 – Which Will be King This Year?

PS4Home: "This is nothing new for the rest of the world, of course, but for anyone in America or anyone else who doesn’t have a favorite franchise in the world of soccer video games, which of the two franchises is offering the best game for their 2016 iteration? Read on to find out."

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ironcrow23861624d ago

the world of soccer?? or football as its actually known as :)

Insomnia_841623d ago

I don't understand why they call FOOTball the sport where the ball is 99.99% of the time being carried in the player's hands.

Tornado1623d ago

Maybe because its length is similar to a human foot

sonarus1623d ago

The whole football isnt football thing is OLD and played out but i guess it will never go away.

American Football is pretty much only called football in AMERICA. If you don't live in America or aren't American then feel free to call soccer football.

Why do English people drive on the right side of the road. Makes 0 sense to me but i don't whine about it cus i don't live in England and quite frankly don't give a crap what they do there.

ChronoJoe1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


We drive on the left side of the road, you drive on the right...

and I think people get bothered more by the football terms because it indeed, does not make sense to most people. It is of course named that way because they are all derived from the same sport, but it would have made much more sense to call American Football, American Rugby.

Spotie1623d ago

First: the English actually coined the term soccer to refer to football. It came from Association Football. The "soccia" part got pulled out, and thus "soccer" was born. This happened in the 1880s.

Imagine that.

Second: American football was originally played more like old school rugby, which is considered football, in the 1860s. Rules that allowed for passing the ball and such didn't appear until the 1890s or thereabouts. They just decided not to change the name.

Anyway, I'd pick Rocket League over either of these two games.

Baka-akaB1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Football was chronologically first associated with Rugby and its derivatives , so it's not a line of argument worth following . Still it doesnt change the fact that Soccer will never take in other countries , especially when the word is inexistant in most foreign languages , and that the majority will just call it Football , Futball etc , and add a prefixe to any other kind of football

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3-4-51623d ago

Fun Fact, the English actually invented the term soccer and used to call fotball, soccer way back when.

They changed it to Football, and introduced soccer to us...the word.

There is more to it and I don't have the link, but it's interesting....

Regardless of name, I'll be initially buying PES first.

philm871624d ago

Played the pes2016 demo and still don't like the defending. Also you can do that stupid rainbow flick by double tapping R3 still meaning loads of people will be doing it online, far too easy to pull off and works too effectively.

Zenith4k1623d ago

Rainbow flick is the easiest thing to defend. I moved from Fifa to pea last year and have not regretted it was strange for a few weeks but now absolutely love it way more indept than counter part

philm871622d ago

Played the demo a bit more and they've definitely improved the rainbow flick so it doesn't stick to the player's feet. I personally struggled to defend against it in 2015. I like certain things about each of them, I like that they're different. I'll probably start with fifa then change to PES have way through the season again.

darren_poolies1623d ago

Haven't played the PES demo but have played the FIFA16 Beta and I have to say I'm disappointed, the game play is horribly slow and a lot of the same problems are there, players don't come to the ball, the AI is retarded, players don't make runs, the keepers suck. That being said FIFA16 will sell the most like it always does.

philm871623d ago

Learn to use custom tactics. You can adjust how often players make runs by themselves and their behaviour with coming to the ball.

iistuii1623d ago

Played the PES demo to death. Same problem with the AI as last year. Who actually beta tests this game. If I was a beta tester id say why doesn't the AI foul. I have played over 30 games of the demo & yet to get fouled. It plays nice but feels like a practice match. Fifa gets slated but when you play it & get free kicks red/yellow cards sending offs etc from the AI it feels like a real game of football & not a kick around like in PES. Sort out the AI & id get it this year, but its not gonna happen.

TKCMuzzer1623d ago

There are to many stupid free kicks in Fifa and I mean ones that are players tussling and the ref decides it's a free kick. Thats not you making a foul that's the game trying to be clever and replicate a referee and most of the time it's just frustrating.

In PES the games only last up to ten minutes and I got fouled a couple of times. I like the fact the game flows more, it's more fun that way, especially on the harder levels because it's left to your ability and not a random free kick given on the edge of your box which ends up in the back of the net.

I loved the demo, some of the football is brilliant and the fact you actually have to change tactics to win games is great.

I'm excited for PES after the demo, out of the two games PES actually gets better each year becoming more refined and playing like proper football. On the AI side, it's far better than last year, so don't ignore the improvements because they need to be applauded, AI is the hardest thing to balance.

iistuii1623d ago

Exactly,daft free kicks are better than no free kicks, refs in real life make daft decisions & in Fifa it does that. Have you ever been or played in a football match when you dont see a foul or even the ref blowing for a foul, its a joke. I had last years game & in a complete season had 1 foul. Of course the football is free flow, the AI just lets you do anything & does nothing but press..

iceman061623d ago

Okay...we hear you!!! LOL Seriously, I have played upwards of 20 games of PES 2015 and about 10 of PES 2016 since I last responded to you. I have had 4 free kicks right outside of the box. I have had another 3 free kicks from distance (35m+) and I have been seen my teammates fouled many more times. I will give it to you that FIFA has more fouls. However, I am not seeing it to the extent that you obviously are. Comparing foul rates FIFA and PES to an actual game, BOTH have too many. (I know...strange...I wasn't expecting that either but I actually looked it up)
Here's the thing. You keep focusing on the fouling and summing that up with the total of the AI in PES. It's by FAR not. I don't begrudge you your opinion of the fouling or of PES. But, I think you sell the game VERY short with statements like "feels like a practice match."

iistuii1622d ago

I am very envious of you getting free kicks outside the box against the AI. Maybe you could link me to a video to show us as I've yet to have one anywhere let lone on the edge of the box.I buy both games each year, I'm only knocking the game because MY experience with the game & by all the videos I've been watching is that it's got the same issues as last year. God FIFA has issues too, many, many, but like I stated my main gripe is the PES is too free flow with nothing breaking up the play like free kicks bookings sending offs etc.

iceman061622d ago

The demo review on this site starts out with a penalty from right outside of the box. (Gamer Whores or whatever)
What I have noticed is that I get fouled mostly as I am trying to make some sort of dribble or fake...mostly near the box (either side or top). Also, when changing speeds or going from a stop and sprinting by the defender. (usually during hold up play while waiting for a decent crossing opportunity or an attacking opportunity) I actually had one foul where I was one on one with the goalie and performed a shot feint. The goalie nipped my foot right as me and the ball went the opposite way. THAT was a first for me in PES in a LONG time.

Lukaszram1621d ago

when i play Fifa on the second highest difficulty the AI hardly ever fouls me, i even go some games without getting a single free kick... but i played the PES16 demo and i was sliding all over the place, taking players out left and right and the ref wouldnt give the computer a free kick ;d

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burza19821623d ago

Metal Gear Solid V will be king of the year

nowitzki20041623d ago

With comments like that you can write the book on how to lose bubbles.

Off topic! bubs down

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