Why the Nintendo NX could be the next big thing in virtual reality

Fortune -- Nintendo is working on its next device, the Nintendo NX, and in true Nintendo fashion, the company hasn’t revealed any details about it yet.

But Tim Merel, managing director at video game research firm Digi-Capital believes Nintendo NX will incorporate augmented reality (AR) and/or virtual reality.

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Yi-Long1794d ago

No more gimmick-based Nintendo console please. Just focus on good specs, good price, normal main controller, and hopefully that will result in enough 3rd party-support and lots of sales, so we'll also see lots of great Nintendo games.

SegaGamer1794d ago

I think they may have no choice but to bring something different though. It's a bit late to be releasing a console so late after the PS4 and Xbox One, they are going to have to give people something different to get people to buy the thing. If it's similar to the PS4 and Xbox One, i can't see it doing that well.

Yi-Long1794d ago

Nintendo's own games will be the big appeal for many gamers, but not if it's once again a gimmick-based underpowered over-expensive console with very little 3rd party support.

I think there are still many gamers who are really interested in playing games like Mario Galaxy, Xenoblade, Zelda, etc, but won't be willinv to invest a lot of money into buying a system that will only have a handful of games they're interested in.

SegaGamer1794d ago

Nintendo can't keep relying on Mario, Zelda, Metroid or Star Fox though, they need some fresh new games. And even if they do make them, i can't see them making a massive impact on this generation.

To be honest, i would rather they saved their idea's until the next gen comes around.

MrSwankSinatra1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

We're lucky we even get a Metroid or Star Fox game. Stop trying to act like Nintendo is constantly churning out games for those franchises because they aren't.

Vegamyster1794d ago

The only way Nintendo will get 3rd party support is if they pursue the devs like Sony & Microsoft have, just having the hardware won't do it. There is also their online that needs to be improved.

Apex131794d ago

Gimmicks have always been the next big thing so let's not confuse innovation for gimmicks. DS and the second screen, touch pad, Anologue stick, rumble pack, motion control, shoulder buttons, virtual boy and now we are hailing the oculus and morph.

The game pad and A symmetric game play ....ok you can have that one.

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Deios1794d ago

At longest is optional, I'll be fine with it. I need a real controller though.

FallenAngel19841794d ago

Is Nintendo going to so nonsensical that they're going to launch a new console against competitors that would be at the peak of their popularity?

Besides that any gimmick NX brings to the table, the PS4 and X1 can just adapt and greatly expand upon.

MCTJim1794d ago

Think I will remain reserved on if I will buy this system when it makes its debut. If it has decent 3rd party support, I may bite. I have owned every single system from the Odyssey I and still have them today..why break the trend.

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The story is too old to be commented.