Super Mario Maker should let go and learn from Lego

Lucas: Nintendo's no stranger to quirky, experimental unlock systems, but Super Mario Maker has the most audacious one yet, forcing you to wait nine days before you can access all the level-creation tools in its playful toolkit. And even by Nintendo's idiosyncratic standards, it's a method that tips past novel and into nonsensical. It's a shame to see such a generous design tool - full of wondrous possibilities for layouts never before seen in a traditional Mario game - be drip-fed in such a needlessly stingy way.

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N4g_null1616d ago

It's called discovery and they are actually teaching you and adding commands as you learn. This is key to nintendo game play. You learn and get better. This is the core of their game play.

Man does this look fun.

3-4-51616d ago

This is officially the worst article of 2015.

Learn from Lego? The game that literally does basically the same thing every time ?

At least mario is letting us create and switches things up.

That is like saying all PS4 game dev's should try to emulate ios games...



user89668281616d ago

Yeah this article makes this dude just sound like a spoiled whiney bitch

Stealthsniper751616d ago

Wouldn't this slow the amount of troll levels (everyone will make a warp pipe penis ;D) Nine days would probably deter sock accounts posting crap

wonderfulmonkeyman1616d ago

Nine days allows players time to get familiar with each bit of the full tool set without getting overwhelmed.
This isn't a negative, especially considering many who get this game won't have played a creation program as deep as this, and will appreciate not being overwhelmed by a flood of options before they've even learned how to make the best use of the basics.

Besides, we'll be playing this for years.
Nine days, compared to how long this will last, is a trivial amount of days to be complaining about.