Are Villains Really the Star of the Show? – The Joker, Call of Duty, and Until Dawn

With so much attention being normally placed on the protagonist of just about every game, Daily Reaction discusses the need for a true villain to be driving the story forward and why fans love them, and perhaps even looks at antagonists that are environmental or emotional.

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1619d ago
Godmars2901619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

They define the main character/hero as an obstacle that has to be overcome, which can and often does make them more memorable. More so when the hero of the piece is portrayed as a blank slate for the audience/player to project on.

kingdomtriggers1619d ago

The vast majority of video games have shitty villains unfortunately.

nowitzki20041618d ago

Joker is not the star of the show, Batman is and always will be. Joker is probably my favorite villain but I watch/play Batman for Batman.

Wedge191618d ago

Perhaps not the star, but Batman's villains certainly make Batman who he is. Without them, he's just another rich guy in an expensive costume.

Spotie1618d ago

In some circumstances, perhaps. Not often enough for it to be seen as a thing, though.

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