Can Rise of the Tomb Raider Go Against Fallout 4?

Rich Drummond of gaming Tech United writes:

"It seems like just yesterday that Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced and the internet went crazy over its deal with Xbox to appear on the Xbox One first, but we're just a few months out from its release on the 10th of November. What has taken me by surprise is the fact that even though the Bethesda's colossal title Fallout 4 has also claimed that date as its own, Rise of the Tomb Raider has stuck firm to the date. So we ask you, can Rise of the Tomb Raider Thrive Against Fallout 4?"

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Rookie_Monster1626d ago

There are always room for both as the holiday season is more than a single launch date.

Got both pre-ordered. Can't wait. there is no such thing as complaining having to much to play as you don't need to play or buy them on the same day. a concept many failed to grasp.

Anyways got both Pre-ordered adn will enjoy them both.

SpaceRanger1626d ago

It's the fact that not everyone can afford to buy more than one game at a time sometimes (possibly within a month's time). Yes it can be played later, but then another big name game comes out when money is available…what happens then? And what about Halo, Forza, Battlefront? They'll also be taking up most of the spotlight.

Asking if Rise of the Tomb Raider CAN go against Fallout 4 is pointless. Why? Because it already is going against it and other top contenders. To many, it's not really up there against other true exclusives and other top name multi-plats.

This is a consequence of over-saturating a market. A concept many fail to grasp as well. Hopefully MS will learn from it.

Rookie_Monster1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

LOL, you do know most AAA games comes out at least a week before Black Friday with very little to no games releasing after that up to Christmas, right? So the busiest shopping time of the year is between Black Friday and before Christmas, so how many days is that for shoppers to shop? And after Christmas, the month of January is pretty baron as well so there you go. So your point hold no water.

Last year, Dragon Age Inqusition, GTAV, and Far Cry 4 were all released on the same date and also Halo MCC and Assassin's Creed Unity on the same date as well all of them did well. Stop making an issue out of a non-issue... I am only talking about XB1 gamers only, of course, as you don't have to worry about it if you are on other consoles. A nice problem to have, actually, as there is no such things as having too much AAA games to play and to buy for Christmas gifts.

Anyways, killing two birds with a single stone as picking up both at the midnight launch. ;)

TFJWM1626d ago

Its in a really tough spot its not only competing with Fallout 4 but also all the Xbox exclusives and 3rd party around then.

Oct 22nd - AC:S
Oct 27th - Halo 5
Nov 6th - CoD: BO III
Nov 10th - RotTR, Fallout III
Nov 17th - Star Wars:BF

DemonChicken1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

For a game that is going to be only released on one platform plus the hype with fallout, I say definitely not. Comparing apples and orange with a different genre timed exclusive with a multi-platform release. This is on top of the more established release with longer fanbases.

4Sh0w1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

...but that happens every year a bunch of big AAA games release in November.

In 2011 when UC3 and CoD MW3 both released in Nov 2011 a week apart I never heard anybody ask "Will Uncharted3 go against COD MW3??? Only fanboys suddenly act so concerned NOW. Uncharted doesnt sell like COD yet many here will tell you how much better UC is. In fact for years now COD has been whipping every game in Nov(best selling game for the year -year after year too), n4g's response has always been a resounding "'meh who cares, its just the popular casual game", lol NOW RoTR MUST go against all other games while other games just get to be played and enjoyed.

The only thing this news highlights is the fact Microsft made sure that in Nov 2015-Oct 2016 X1 fans have option of buying both or just buying RoTR instead of Fallout4 like Im doing.

Bigpappy1626d ago

I am starting with TR. Fallout is much more time intensive so I will get it after. TR looks to be a big improvement over recent entries. Looks to be bigger, more open with more options on how to deal with enemies.


Are you guys that clueless? Tomb Raider is probably one of the biggest franchises out there. Tell me, when did Fallout or any other of those top contenders made it into Holywood? Or maybe you think movies holds no relevance in gaming, so please, go into a gaming paraphernalia store (you know, a place selling overpriced crappy plastic dolls, bad comics and other ridiculous merchandising... oh, I mean, collector's stuff) and try NOT TO FIND a Lara Croft action figure. I dare you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending MS business decisions here, hell, thanks to those assholes I'll be waiting a year... But still, we're talking about one of the biggest franchises in gaming being released on american buying frenzy quater (aka holiday season). With it's recognition and timing, it doesn't even matter if the game is any good, it's the time of the year you can count on the gullible consumer anyway... I don't think they need to worry about Fallout at all, sure they may not outsell it (afterall it's 1 platform against multiple platforms) and I have no clue if it will help XB1 numbers against PS4, but Tomb Raider sales itself won't be held back by any other games (at least now, on XB1, while it's fresh... 1 year down the road, dealing with people Square made sure to treat as second class citizens, things may be different, people may want to give Square a piece of their mind, or, you know, the finger... I'm not judging).

TFJWM1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

@BISHOP-BRASIL umm you do know that the last tomb raider movie was like 12 years ago, its not a seller like it was, within a month 5 bigger game franchises are releasing. Assassin Creed, Halo, Call of Duty, Fallout, and Star Wars will all out sell Tomb raider....And they would even if it wasn't limited to MS platforms for the holiday (edit:If it was full multi it might have outsold Halo for the holiday but prob not)

turdburgler10801625d ago

They should have just titled this article "can the poor afford two games at once?" How many of these articles did we see around the holidays last year?

cd11625d ago


Sorry, did you just say Tomb Raider is the biggest gaming franchise???

I have to disagree, regardless of whether you love it or hate it COD must the biggest due to yearly sales numbers alone.

Plus Mario is bigger...and also has a movie...a sh!t one at that...

sonarus1625d ago

2 very different genres so i want to say yes

DevelopmentArrested1625d ago


He said one of the biggest, not the biggest. Big difference.

MehmetAlperTR1625d ago

How many times that i have to tell this; one of them Apple the other is Banana.. No need this articles anymore..

Chevalier1624d ago

Based on my pre-order numbers I am going to say definitely not. My fallout numbers lapped RoTR within a week of the preorders being open. Right now my top preorders are COD BO3 followed by Fallout 4, Star Wars BF, AC Syndicate, NBA2K16 then Halo 5, MGS 5 and a couple other games then RoTR.

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user99502791626d ago

I'm an Xbox gamer, and admittedly I'll be skipping TR for now and definitely buying Fallout. But... whatever. Cant argue with options.

poppinslops1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I'm getting Tomb Raider while I wait for Fallout to be patched... Fallout's great and all, but I've seen enough of Bethesda's launches to know it'll be a janky ol' wasteland.

Also, doesn't Battlefront's early-access start around then?

user99502791626d ago

I'm not worried about that. If it happens to be broken (doubtful) they will fix it.

SourtreeDing1625d ago

im not worried about what needs to be patched at lunch... whatever the internet cries about never bothers me.. im not picky about framrate drops and other bs.. i just enjoy the game

user99502791625d ago

I'm exactly the same way, Sourtee. It all seems a bit ridiculous to me. Not once have I been genuinely disappointed by a launch this gen. That's coming from a diehard Battlefield and Halo player.

A bit annoying sometimes? I guess. Worth getting in a tithy over? nah. Good things are worth waiting for.

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DevilOgreFish1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

They're both going to do well, and when TR eventually hits all platforms it will have already outsold UC4 because it's multiplatform unlike how uncharted 4 isn't.

TFJWM1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Not sure what your point is, a game on 4 platforms should always outsell an exclusive. If you want to compare sales btw the two it should be attach rate of RotTR on Xbox1 and UC4 on PS4.

joab7771626d ago

No. In a general sense...NO WAY!! To an individual, sure. But companies and games like Skyrim, GTA, Fallout etc., are just too big. It's there endless open world nature, w/ PC community and mod support.

One game will sell well and be a good time. The other will still be played 5 yrs from now, we'll after the 3rd Tomb Raider releases on PS4.

DevilOgreFish1626d ago

These two games aren't even related.

robtion1626d ago

They are related in that they share a release date.

nowitzki20041626d ago

I agree. But Fallout 4 is a monster game compared to TR. No chance in hell it competes with Fallout 4. I would be surprised if the X1 version of Fallout 4 got outsold by the X1 version of TR.

People need to stop comparing them, 2 different games that can be enjoyed differently.

firelogic1626d ago

The thing is, it's not just Fallout 4 vs Rise. The last quarter has a lot of big franchise titles releasing. Sure you can say people can buy more than one, but when there are literally a dozen games to buy, will Rise rank high on people's lists? Time will tell.

GMR_PR1625d ago

I think it depends on how good or bad the game end up, IMO if the game get great reviews it will do well.

TKCMuzzer1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

@Rookie Monster
Take the green goggles off for a minute and look at the issue properly.
You're right we don't have to buy them on the same day.You seemingly without knowing it have pointed out the exact issue you are arguing against, people can choose not to buy them both on the same day, ultimately choosing one over the other, therefore hurting sales of the other game. Most games highest sales are within the week of launch that's because that is when interest is at it's highest. If someone chooses to buy Fallout 4 and wait to buy Tombraider, when they come to buy TombRaider another game might be released they want and the cycle starts again.

The simple fact is, there can be to much to play and the holiday release schedule is far to crowded, and ultimately every game will miss out on sales because of it.

ger23961626d ago

Out of curiosity, for what platform do you have them pre ordered for?

Hellsvacancy1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

You didn't really answer the question buddy, it's not what you "a single gamer" wants, it's Can Rise of the Tomb Raider Go Against Fallout 4?

No it can't, 1 game released across 3 platforms vs 1 game released across 1 platform....

The Answer is no, and even if ROFTR was released across as many platforms as F4 the answer would still be no

Don't belive me....... just wait and you'll see

GMR_PR1625d ago

Both games could be successful not matter if one sell better than the other, i think tha's the point a lot of people are traing say.

umair_s511625d ago

I am Xbox gamer, and I am most likely skipping fallout for Rise of Tomb Raider

otherZinc1625d ago


Now having games is a bad thing? Maybe M$ should opt for a "Sparse" lineup? Maybe M$ should use holiday 2015 as a "Harvesting" period?

No. No M$ shouldn't.

Tomb Raider is much different than Fallout. Tomb Raider is a massive exclusive, that's been around for a very long time. The same people aren't going to buy both games, the two games are that different.

I'm buying Tomb Raider for my daughter. As she's beaten all of them since the 360.

Both games will sell well. Tomb Raider will sell more than Fallout on the XBOX ONE.

Thanks for the diversity in the XBOX ONE lineup M$, we appreciate the great games selection. Thanks for not using the 2015 & 2016 as a "Harvesting" period.

Ashby_JC1625d ago

If we go based on last gen numbers...

Fallout 3 4.62 Million (360)
Tomb Raider 1.86 Million (360)

I feel the new TR will sell well. But not fallout numbers.

Based on the prev iterations for both....F3 sold over twice as many copies.

cd11624d ago

"The same people arnt going to buy both games, the two games are that different"...I'm not sure that's how it works.

Currently most of my gaming time is spent on The Witcher 3 and War Thunder - two very different games.

showtimefolks1625d ago

simple answer no. fallout is freaking fallout and unlike some not everyone will buy 2 games at once

also I believe it's totally wrong to say can tomb raider go against fallout. real question should be cam tomb raider survive against other AAA games. many gamers have a limit, like they will only buy x number of games in one year or fall of every year

mgs 5
assassin creed syndicate
halo 5
fallout 4
call of duty
star wars
tomb raider

now you can not expect people to buy every single game. I haven't even listed stuff like uncharted collection, mad max or just cause 3 and even Hitman

if ms or square expects 7 to 10 million sales than they will be disoppointed. now if they expect the tomb raider will sell 3 plus million than they will be alright

you can not pass on pc and ps4 and expect the game to sell high. bottom line is thee rally some heavy hitters coming out in fall.

also I could see Sony picking up the marketing rights for fallout 4 and may even release a bundle. I can not see ms picking up marketing rights for fallout 4 simply because they will be advertising against their own game

I like their confidence but I would either releade it before or after fallout 4, not at the same time

at least that's my opinion

SourtreeDing1625d ago

i dont even think TR will sell 3 mill.. more like 2

TheXgamerLive1625d ago

I pre ordered both too so that's a big yes from me.

MEsoJD1625d ago

They would be crazy to release Tomb Raider at the same time as Fallout.

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lelo2play1626d ago

"Can Rise of the Tomb Raider Go Against Fallout 4?"

Probably not... but it doesn't have to.
Xbox gamers will likely get both.

MCTJim1626d ago

Yes indeed. I save all year to buy all the glut of games at the end of the year. I've got $2k saved just for Christmas and I wont be missing out on either.

TKCMuzzer1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Why do you say that? Do you assume Xbox One owners will buy it just because their getting it a year early? Many gamers have to select the games they buy due to budget and looking at the releases around this period many will have to pick and choose and some games will suffer.

Fallout 4, Battlefront, Halo, Rainbow Six, Forza, COD, Need for Speed, Just Cause 3, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Hitman.

All releasing within a couple of months of each other and doesn't even include releases in September like Fifa, Mad Max, PES, Metal Gear 5 that will already hit wallets going into those months.

I have a full time job and i'm going to have to pick and choose from that list. I say it every year, devs and publishers need to spread their games out. I personally believe this was a big reason in moving Uncharted 4. Publishers need to give their games space, to gain traction and interest which isn't being taken by other games. Some of those games above are going to lose out in sales mainly because of their release date and TombRaider could easily be one of those games.

spicelicka1625d ago

Hey everyone look we only got 2 games releasing this whole year!

What kind of idiotic logic is this. Just because they're coming out the same day don't mean anything. There are dozens of games coming in those few months that all have to compete with each other.

Sir_Simba1626d ago

People that say "two different audiences, they will both sell well".
Wether you like it or not marketing works and the week before/after fallout releases,it will be will have about 80% to 90% media.

Imalwaysright1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

You're forgetting that Rise of TR will benefit from MS marketing machine.

Perjoss1626d ago

All the marketing in the universe cannot remove the fact that TR is releasing on a console with a small install base.

Imalwaysright1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Halo 5 will be released on that console and will outsell most games in this holiday season. Of course that TR won't pull Halo 5 numbers but it doesn't mean that it can't be a commercial success on that console.

The point I was trying to make though is that MS will make sure that TR will have a strong marketing campaign.

TKCMuzzer1626d ago

Sorry, but no marketing machine can put money in peoples wallets, if they can only afford one or two games leading up to Christmas, will Tombraider be one of them when up against other big hitters?

Imalwaysright1626d ago

@ TKCMuzzer TR 2013 sold 8.5 million copies. Let's not pretend that TR isn't a big hitter.

Also, there are many big hitters releasing in this holiday season alongside Fallout 4 and TR like CoD, Halo, Assassins Creed, Battlefront... If we go by your logic every game will lose sales due to the heavy competition in the same time frame and yet, the publishers of each game aren't afraid of it. Don't see why SE should also be afraid when TR is also a big hitter in its own right.

Seafort1625d ago


Yes between 3 platforms not 1. Square-Enix complained about the sales of Tomb Raider last time as it didn't live up to their sales projections and that was multiplatform.

3.5 million of those sales were on the PC. The rest was shared between the consoles. Playstation sold more copies than Xbox.

It may sell 1-1.5 million copies on Xbox but that's being generous.

Not everyone can buy all the games coming out and some sacrifices will be made. Tomb Raider will likely be one of them.

Imalwaysright1625d ago

@ Seafort

So what? Fallout 4, CoD, Battlefront, Assassin's Creed... would sell considerably less if they were released on just 1 platform. Would we not consider them big hitters because of it?

"Square-Enix complained about the sales of Tomb Raider last time as it didn't live up to their sales projections and that was multiplatform."

Yeah they said that and it was a ridiculous thing to say when the game sold 3.4 million copies in a month however SE also said that TR exceeded profit expectations which is the same as saying that TR exceeded sales projections

2.5 million copies more were sold since this was said.

"Not everyone can buy all the games coming out and some sacrifices will be made. Tomb Raider will likely be one of them."

The same could be said for ANY game that is going to be released in the upcoming holidays season.

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Relientk771626d ago

Fallout 4 is gonna sell more and get advertised more, plain and simple