Destiny: Coming Back as a Guardian Nine Months Later

Some things have changed in Destiny but others remain the same, including one mission in which Bungie truly excelled, Scourge of Winter.

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mysensesfailed1624d ago

Stopped playing when I was stuck on lvl 24 constantly doing the same strikes over and over. Never purchased either expansion and I'm glad I didn't. Not saying the content is bad but I'm glad that with all the changes that have been made in TTK, I'll be able to experience all 3 expansions for the first time with the new improvements with the legendary edition. If only I could have experienced Destiny in its entirety this way.

Stapleface1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Your still going to have to get better gear before you can even do the expansions. Your defence stats are crap and will die in seconds on higher level activities. It is much faster now though. I made a Hunter, finally, and it took me like a week to get it to 33. Just waiting to get all of the POE armor, for the higher defence stats.

3-4-51623d ago

* I honestly just play for 1-2 weeks every 3-4 months specifically for the multiplayer/crucible.

The Fluidity of controls are amazing for a shooter, possibly the best I've ever played.

* The screwed up the story though, which made people not care about single player, which takes away half the game really.

I've yet to finish single player story because it's just so boring.

Run into heavily guarded chamber down in the ground somewhere and fight final bad go do it on THIS planet....rinse repeat.

There isn't enough variation in stuff to do, and the STUFF to do isn't that fun.

The Mmultiplayer though, months later, is still a lot of fun, but I can't play it daily.

So I just take month long breaks and then jump back on for like 1-2 weeks, play as much online multiplayer as I need, and then shelve the game for another 3-4 months while I play other games.

^ For me, it doesn't have to be anything more than that.

I'll buy the Taken King, but only when it's $20 or less. I'd get it just for the new multiplayer maps.

joab7771624d ago

I left w/ a couple 32's. Just felt like it had plateaued and the loot chase had become a re-roll. No more raids and an added complexity that made me wonder where in the world they could possible take this game.

I've played many mmo's and I love them. And the thought of having a true mmo fps rpg was so amzinging to me that I've held out hope for Destiny until this very moment.

And then came the announcement of the new expansion. They did the one thing I never thought they would do. Instead of piling on, they went back to the basics to hopefully create the solid foundation that it has so depeartely needed.

I'm not sure if I'll go back yet, as I'm pretty busy, and I know that one day I will. But I am very happy to see that they have finally embraced it's own mmo nature, and reset the mess. Now, the sky is the limit for Destiny. I really believe that. Flesh out the factions, add story elements, allow clans to be real clans (give them bases etc.) It adds to identity and PvP. And then get to fleshing out the social aspects for downtime. Give us something else to do. Speeders would be a great start. Maybe allow some crafting.

If ya want 10 yrs, knowing just how resource intensive content is for Destiny, fill it w/ something we can do w our the mmo you really are.