Xenoblade Chronicles X is More Xenoblade Chronicles - Game Preview [Nintendo Enthusiast]

"What is Xenoblade Chronicles X like? Well, from what I played at Gamescom, the spiritual successor is more of what we loved in Xenoblade Chronicles. The developers seemed to have taken more of a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach, which makes Xenoblade Chronicles X a fun title to play, but not as revolutionary as the original game" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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3-4-51617d ago

* I'm 10 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS, and while I like almost everything about it, the Battle system is just not for me.

* It's just really boring and uninspiring.

I'd rather have a simple Dragon Quest / LoH:Tear of Vermillion battle system that is simple and right to the point, or a pure action adventure type.

* The Battle system is just.....boring, so I hope they found a way to make it more fun in this game.

The story,music,characters,setting ,atmosphere, and world are amazing, but the battle system as kept me from continuing this game for now.

Has me slightly less excited for this game, but I still want to play it.

franwex1617d ago

10 hours is nothing for a game that size. The battle system will expand and you'll get more characters and abilities.

But yeah, it is a hybrid of turn based and action. Most likely you won't like Xenoblade Chronicles X then.

JacketsNest1011612d ago

How far are you story wise?

Pookandpie1617d ago

An RPG sequel having similar aesthetic priorities (huge draw distance but looks meh up close was a thing XBC did) and combat mechanics as its sequel?

Hold the freaking phone, here. I'm kind of glad they didn't reinvent the wheel, because the last time Monolith did for their second iteration we got Xenosaga Episode II. Which was meh, since the combat system was imbalanced and a random battle could take 3 minutes or 30.

I don't even recall XBC requiring the player to ever jump (except when going through giant holes to reach other areas of the Bionis or something), so complaining about how the jump feels seems extremely off-handed to me, since this isn't a platformer and the jump is about as meaningful as the ones in the Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth series. <_<;

JacketsNest1011617d ago

The jump is significantly more useful in this game as there is a lot of terrain you can climb with it.