Star Wars: Battlefront and the Single Player Campaign Conundrum

EA’s Peter Moore has empirical data that “very few people” would play Star Wars: Battlefront in single player, but PC Invasion's Peter Parrish argues that the broader picture is more complex.

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WilliamSheridan1620d ago

So does that mean Battlefield 5 won't have a single player either?

This logic makes no sense.

Jalva1620d ago

If the next Battlefield game didn't have a single player the only people who'd notice would be members of N4G.

objdadon1620d ago

The problem is that this isn't battlefield. A game like this should definitely have a campaign.

_-EDMIX-_1620d ago

BF1 and BF2 had offline missions.....

This Star Wars Battlefront has offline missions...

What Peter Moore is saying makes sense and he is saying this based off of Battlefield's and COD's single players that are more story based.

BF1 and BF2 where mission based....this game is again MISSION BASED as its offline mode JUST like the first 2.

Ogygian1620d ago

I only buy these sort of games if they have single player campaigns.

robtion1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Yep, me too. I will be skipping Battlefront just like I skipped Evolve and Titanfall. Guess these games just aren't made for me. A shame because I like the worlds they're set in, but am not a MP gamer.

Pandamobile1620d ago

What is it about multiplayer games that you don't like? Not a fan of competitive games, or just shooters in general?

robtion1620d ago

@Pandamobile I'm 34, didn't grow up playing online. I like stories in games or worlds that draw you in. Running in circles shooting people just doesn't appeal to me at all. I like some shooters like Half-Life, BioShock(original one), Resistance, Bulletstorm, and a few others.

Ogygian1619d ago


Robtion makes a good point.

The thing is that multiplayer and single player are radically different experiences.

MP is like playing a sport with your friends (or strangers), while single player is like reading a book. Games essentially are evolutions of these very different age-old activities.

Neither is better or worse, but we all have our preferences.

battlegrog1620d ago

Starwars is entirely different then battlefield.peoeple would love story mode with this.

The real reason is they didn't have time.this gsme was only started no more then 2 years ago.nuiot from the group up.its a shame but a story mode star wars will come

dougr1620d ago

This is the biggest bunch of bullshit. The reason single player isn't in it, is because they have to rush this to the market and don't have time to put in a single player. I'm cool with that though. I'd rather have a great multiplayer with no single player for now and then a single player version when they have the time to put it the game correctly.

WeAreLegion1620d ago

I'm sorry, but who expected a campaign? This series doesn't have campaigns. Why add one now?

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_-EDMIX-_1620d ago

@WeAreLegion-OMG THANK YOU! BF1 and BF2 had offline MISSIONS! They didn't not have some epic story plot thing going like with BF and CDO. All that is being said is that Star War BF will continue To NOT HAVE THEM and don't expect it like in COD and BF.

Why? Well did DICE not confirm to fans that it didn't play like Battlefield? Soooo they are continuing to confirm that its not like BF or COD.

@Venomous- could you not call the offline missions in this game "campaign" and really be referring to the same thing?

They called it "campaign" wasn't, was merely a series of missions played OFFLINE.

That was 10 years ago, what we know was "campaign" with COD and BF are epic stories with plot twist etc.

...that was not what BF1 and BF2 had, call it the same thing , would be to misrepresent it to gamers that assumed it would be naming the feature based on what we CURRENTLY know as a campaign.

What Star Wars BF has actually done, was show and expose JUST how little many gamers don't read, look up, research etc about actual games.

This junk about it not having a single player and no offline has been going around for a long, long time...even after it was confirmed the day of ANNOUNCEMENT to have a offline mode, even after it was stated it wouldn't have a SP like Star Wars BF and BF2 DIDN'T HAVE A STORY MODE LIKE BF! They had missions.

All most heard or cared to read was "no single player" or "multiplayer only" when all you have to do is just read what EA, DICE etc stated about the game and do a quick google.

The very same day it was announced...its stated

"the game will feature content for offline fans. Star Wars: Battlefront Missions is a series of crafted challenges inspired by the films and available for solo play, or in local and online co-op"

Again...the very day it was announced.

"We have a feature called Missions that allow you to play solo or cooperatively with bots on or offline"

That is what Star Wars BF's missions looked like.

DICE could not just put in some kill missions and call it a "campaign" why?

....again, gamers know that term as what they get with COD and with BF.

DICE is merely naming the mode what it should have been named 10 years ago, but to be fair 10 years ago...that was sorta normal for a campaign lol.

1619d ago
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