Deal: You Can Pick Up a PS4 for the Mega Low Price of $200

Stop what you're doing and ready your wallet for a pounding. Kmart is offering the PS4 for just $200.

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showtimefolks1618d ago

last year's blackfriday deals were insane with bundles that included 4 plus games. this year might top that,as crazy as that sounds

competition is a very healthy thing.

Relientk771619d ago

Wow does this work, are people actually getting it for $200?

kupomogli1617d ago

If it's unavailable in store at your Kmart, get it pricematched at Walmart or Best Buy as they price match online. It's YMMV as some won't price match if you can't purchase it, but it's listed as $200 and if you have a Kmart near you then they should price match it as that's their policy.

Rookie_Monster1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Not available online anymore.

But if there are a brick and motar Kmart around, then there might be hope.

chrish19901619d ago

Yeah that's mentioned in the article as well as price matching. Hopefully some will save a bit of moolaah with this one

ZaWarudo1618d ago

fml. All the kmarts within a 25 mile radius where i live doesn't sell consoles and price matching is a no-go.

After all that moneyz i gots after selling the XBO and my old Hdtv from the Best Buy deal :(

chrish19901618d ago

Niiiiiice! Glad you managed to get one :D Welcome to next-gen gaming!

2pacalypsenow1618d ago

Already had one , Got a 2nd one to store away my 20th aniversary.

I got the new model

triple_c1618d ago

Damn.. I don't blame you. 1 of my friends has 2 Xbox Ones because he got 1 from Best Buy and it came with a TV for $500 or something dollars. Shit.. if these deals keep popping up I might get me and Xbox One sooner than I thought or I might just get me another PS4 haha

Btw, just curious, did you get the CUH 1200 model PS4? Are they out in NA yet?

Derekvinyard131618d ago

Description Item # 018W006374751001P Model # 10034

This ain't the new model dude

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The story is too old to be commented.